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Mass Effect 3

A new game with a imported character from both ME1 and ME2, Boobsy Shepard is back in action! Ready to kick some serious Reaper ass! Actually, ready to kick ass in general. I couldn't import his face but that turned out for the better since it gave me and option to tweak it a little and re-imagine myself in this universe. It's still Boobsy, just a better version :)

Playing on the hardest difficulty. After some consideration, I just couldn't let myself play on any other difficulty :) I played the first one on Normal I think, the second one on the second highest difficulty. The reason being that after playing Dragon Age: Origins for about 1-2 hours on the hardest difficulty, I decided that no, no more BioWare games on crack mode. I was fucking cutting my wrists off, I couldn't even get past the fucking tutorial!! :S But now I'm back in the saddle and it feels comfortable as hell. Will be playing all BioWare games now on the hardest difficulty.

My choices up to this point:

* Saved the Rachni Queen on Noveria. I just felt so sympathetic for her. She sounded like she was in excruciating pain and the way she described her children suffering without her singing... I will say though, that when I released her, I was still wary. But I'm glad I gave her a chance for a better life :)

* Rescued Ashley fucking Williams on Virmire. Although, both Kaiden and this bitch have less personality together than a cup of boiled water. It's pathetic...

* Chose to Save the Council. This was something that I actually had to reload my save for. I wasn't fully aware of what each choice entailed so I just clicked, thinking I'll be able to save the day with minimum casualties! Having said that, I feel like saving the council is fucking pointless. They're still a bunch of snobby cunts that do everything they can to hamper your fight against the Reapers and they don't even have the decency to be in your face about it. It's all political correct bullshit they're spouting and I can't stand it. Fucking council... Oh well.

* Saved Maelon's Data. I want to give the Krogan a second chance. Under Wrex and Eve, I feel like they deserve that much. However, if I would've killed Wrex and had to deal with his asshole brother Wreav, I probably would've destroyed the data instead...

* Kept Wrex alive on Virmire (obviously). He wants to build a better future for the Krogan. I can't do anything but respect that. He doesn't deserve death for it, quite the contrary. Wrex and Boobsy have got a lot in common :)

* Chose to Rewrite the Geth Heretics. To paraphrase Miranda, "it was semantics" whether to kill them or rewrite them. I chose to rewrite them because I had a feeling they'd be important in ME3. But of course the dumb moronic Quarian race had to go and pick a fight with them. Like, don't you get it? You're a fucking nomad people, traveling the galaxy as punishment for your rash decision to try to "shut down" the Geth. Don't you learn? Maybe they're just retarded by default. I can't imagine anyone being that legendary thick. Violence hasn't solved your problems up to that point, you think that's the answer now? Man...

* Destroyed the Collector Base. I wasn't gonna sacrifice my integrity for that shit. I feel like, if you stand on the edge of a knife, about to fall in, either fall with some shred of dignity or think of a way to divert disaster on your own terms. Not by leaching on others like a god damn parasite....

* Survived the Suicide Mission with 10 Squadmates. Thane Krios the Drell and Mordin Solus the Salarian didn't make it :( But all things considered, it wasn't that bad. Thane didn't have long to live anyway because of Kepral's Syndrome and Mordin had like, what, maybe 5-10 years left anyway. [Spoiler]And the funny thing is, they both die in ME3 anyway... [End Spoiler]

* Romanced Liara in ME1 (obviously). I've always found her intriguing. Her voice mirrors her personality so well. It is implied that she was bullied as a child, not only because of her passion for history and archaeology, but also because of the taboo fact of being a pureblood Asari. She's awkward but yet so filled with passion and excitement. She's deliberate, intelligent and she's not completely without a sense of humor. I mean really, it was the obvious choice. I'd rather fuck a pillow than Ashley...

* Romanced Tali'Zorah in ME2. Yeeeeeeeaaaaah this is one of those decisions I really regret in retrospect. I still understand why I chose her though. She was one of my favorite characters in ME1, along with Liara and Garrus, and I used those three for about, every mission I think. So, yeah, she felt like a natural choice. Love her awkwardness (gosh I really have a thing for the shy nerds don't I?), love her passion for technical... things. Great voice, loyal to her people, loves helping others. Still, I wish I chose Miranda or Jack instead. Probably Miranda. Very cool character :)

Oh and I'm so happy that the music is still phenomenal :D
A new game with a imported character from both ME1 and ME2, Boobsy Shepard is back in action! Ready to kick some serious Reaper ass! Actually, ready to kick ass in general. I couldn't import his face but that turned out for the better since it...
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