• Overwatch NEW HERO Tier List [79 Lore Characters!]

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    Chances are Overwatch Hero 31 and Hero 32 are in this Overwatch New Hero Tier List! This is the ultimate Overwatch Lore Characters overview with details about Mauga, Junkerqueen, Echo, Antonio and 74 other OW new hero candidates!

    The Overwatch New Hero Tier List has been made to help you figure out which are the best potential candidates to become Overwatch next hero. We classify all characters of the Overwatch Lore in tiers from S to E according to 6 factors. This way, at every Overwatch Update no need to look at Overwatch news speculation on who will be the New Overwatch Hero, you can just review the list of Overwatch New Heroes here and decide by yourself.

    Overwatch and Blizzard provide little Lore but what we could gather is here. We've been through all the Overwatch Animated Shorts, all the Overwatch Comics, all the Overwatch Cinematics, all the Overwatch Origin Story videos, all the Developer Updates and Jeff Kaplan interviews in order to get every piece of information available! Everything there is to know about Overwatch Hero 31 and Mauga is here. Everything we know about Echo from the Reunion Overwatch Animated Short is here. Everything we know about Antonio from the Retribution Archives Mission Overwatch Cinematic is here.

    More, this list will still be useful after Overwatch Hero 31 release. For every OW New Hero, like Hero 32 and Hero 33, this Overwatch New Hero Tier List will still be valid. And I will keep it update in the comment section below with every new Overwatch hero candidates addition.

    So, enjoy this huge Overwatch compilation filled with Overwatch Animated Short cinematics and all its Overwatch New Characters! Enjoy the game, enjoy Overwatch!

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    1 - Overwatch Animated Short: Recall -

    2 - Overwatch Animated Short: Reunion -

    3 - Overwatch Cinematic Trailer -

    4 - Overwatch Jeff Kaplan's Interview with Streamers April 2019 -

    5- Overwatch Animated Short: Dragons -

    6 - Overwatch Sombra Origin Story -

    7 - Overwatch Ana Origin Story -

    8 - Overwatch Comic: Masquerade -

    9 - Overwatch Comic: Searching -

    10 - Katsuwatch: Bastet Rises -

    11 - Overwatch Short Story: Bastet -

    12 - Overwatch Comic: Old Soldiers -

    13 - Overwatch Short Story: What You Left Behind

    14 - Overwatch Archives Event - Storm Rising Cinematic

    15 - Overwatch Orisa Origin Story -

    16 - Overwatch Comic: Reflections -

    17 - Overwatch Comic: Retribution -

    18 - Overwatch Archives Mission: Retribution Cinematic -

    19 - Overwatch Animated Short: Shooting Star -

    20 - Overwatch Animatch Short: Honor and Glory -

    21 - Overwatch Comic: Destroyer -

    22 - Overwatch Comic: Legacy -


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    **** About This Video ****
    The Overwatch New Hero Tier List is made to facilite the anticipation of Overwatch new heroes. Like for Overwatch Hero 31 and Hero 32 and everything New Overwatch Character, the community like to speculate and guess who Overwatch next hero will be. With this Overwatch Compilation of all the Overwatch Lore Characters, it will be now very easy to find the next Overwatch New Hero!

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