• Victor Ramon - Canal

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    • Metronome - Duração: 52 segundos.

      • 1 ano atrás
      • 40 visualizações
      A metronome is extremely useful for musicians and if you are a musician this project will fits your needs. It is a device that produces a beat in a regular time helping to improve timing and rhythm...
    • Roniere Rezende - Canal

      • 5 vídeos
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    • Arduino Pedestrian Crossing Traffic lights (Semáforo para Pedestres com Arduino) - Duração: 25 segundos.

      • 1 ano atrás
      • 931 visualizações
      This is an educational project for beginners. It’s a traffic light, but definitely not a simple one. This project features a pedestrian traffic light and a regular traffic light working together. T...
    • Eu Curto Circuito - Canal

      • 8 vídeos
      Tudo sobre eletrônica e robótica, projetos, aulas, curiosidades e muito mais.
      Se você gosta de eletrônica e robótica e deseja se aprofundar mais nesse mundo, com um gostinho altamente prático, esse é
      • CANAL
    • Braço Robotico - www.NatalMakers.com - Duração: 37 segundos.

      • 1 ano atrás
      • 148 visualizações
      Controle de um Braço Robótico com Potenciometros
    • Alain's Projects - Canal

      • 40 vídeos
      Too many interests, not enough time.
      Here you can find Videos about Electronic Projects, Funny Stuff or even self made movies.
      So have fun.
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    • Code and Solder - Canal

      • 18 vídeos
      I design, solder and program stuff. Mostly microcontroller based.
      Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/codeandsolder
      XMR dontation adress: 4AU8Ms8Ew3E3u2nbUdUSZjcTjfA7NFMe9V2viQxKKVwigUWXi2LG75H9VBVthBTSB
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    • element14 presents - Canal

      • 520 vídeos
      **New Episodes Every Wednesday & Friday**

      Join the hackers, engineers and makers of element14 Presents as they tackle new and fun interesting projects each week using circuitry design, 3D printing,
      • CANAL
    • Tech Rehber - Canal

      • 43 vídeos
      Bu kanalda her türden elektronik kendinyap projeleri, program incelemeleri, cihaz incelemeleri, nasıl yapılır? videoları bulabilirsiniz.
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    • Simon Kalouche - Canal

      • 13 vídeos
      I am a roboticist and PhD student at Stanford. I previously interned at NASA JPL and received my M.S. at CMU's Robotics Institute.
      • CANAL
    • Build UP - Canal

      • 13 vídeos
      • CANAL
    • Scott Harden - Canal

      • 131 vídeos
      This is a collection of videos I've made, mostly regarding electrical engineering. Full details can often be found at my personal website, http://www.SWHarden.com
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    • Circuit Basics - Canal

      • 47 vídeos
      Welcome to the Circuit Basics YouTube Channel! Here you will find video tutorials, reviews, and resources for interesting Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and DIY electronics projects. Hope you have fun, and th
      • CANAL
    • Google - Canal

      • 2.199 vídeos
      Experience the world of Google on our official YouTube channel. Watch videos about our products, technology, company happenings and more. Subscribe to get updates from all your favorite Google produc
      • CANAL
    • Inova Metrópole/IMD/UFRN - Canal

      • 23 vídeos
      • CANAL
    • Robômaker - Canal

      • 16 vídeos
      O que é um robô? Dúvida bastante comum.
      O canal Robômaker irá sanar suas dúvidas, ajudar a construir e até mesmo formular seus próprios conceitos sobre robótica . O projeto visa difundir a robótica n
      • CANAL
    • Atividade Maker - Canal

      • 176 vídeos
      Este é o canal do ATIVIDADE MAKER.
      Somos apaixonados pelo estilo "faça você mesmo" (DIY – Do It Yourself). Ensinamos a projetar e montar Impressoras 3D, CNC Routers, Projetos de Robótica e Arduino em
      • CANAL
    • GilsonEngineering - Canal

      • 111 vídeos
      Channel Partner for Siemens Process Instrumentation.
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    • Endress+Hauser - Canal

      • 1.014 vídeos
      Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. We provide process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analytics, temperat
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