• Bases 1st Intl Conference 2014 fast edit

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    Fast Blast revisit to the 1st Bases Project International conference in August 2014. Feel free to see the full lecture presentations in the YouTube Megawatts1066 channel. Show less
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  • The Irish Era Pirate Stations Play all

    The Irish Era is a historical as it happened report made by Miles Johnston, originally as a UFO social studies project, as these stations emerged in Ireland after massive UFO activity or an 'Intelligence Transfer Sequence', Switch On, ultimately which led to SKY Television in 1989. Involving UFOs from the start, this wonderful and exciting era in broadcast media commenced in the 1970s with Radio Dublin, then ARD and Big D radio, which attracted source talent from Radio Caroline..
    An early part of this story was recorded in an award winning film by Decland Lowney, called Wavelength, with the music of Van Morrison, who was 'switched on'; in the initial 'ITS firing';, in Belfast, before the 'troubles' were arranged by the so called Illuminati to try and stop it. Ultimately it was not until the late 80-s that Belfast was to have its return to higher Awareness with a 'Matrix breaker' station called KISS FM 103.7, built by Miles Johnston, with co creators Jeff Camblin and Stefanie Callister.
    This wonderful story is recorded on VHS and U-Mastic and then S-VHS, and made available by its creator, Miles Johnston. Blocked in many countries by dubious and malicious use of copyright violations, this has been to some extent remastered for YouTube, and is now available for the social student, and Anorak. The Irish Era Them is "New Gold Dream" by Simple Minds, '..81,82,83,...84' which symbolises the early eighties where this gathered its focus in Ireland.
    Many Good friends have since left us during this Irish Era, and we thank Radio Caroline and those wonderful people who all came together to make the best radio that ever was.

    The Irish Pirate Stations evolved in conjunction with Radio Caroline, from the mid 70s until the present day. However in May 83 the biggest and most professional , Radio NOVA, Dublin was forced to close after an illegal government raid in May 83. Later KISS FM Belfast, shut down, after the illegal law in 1988 closed down all but a few of the Irish radio stations, so that corrupt government and corrupt licenses were issued to the new stations that took some 2 to 3 years replace them (Badly). Belfast lost its first 24FM Rock/Pop station, to be replaced with the luke warm, and rather drip wet, COOL FM, Atlantic 252 , "the Long Wave Nugget", as Charlie Wolfe called it, took over for a few years. This was to "de-spark" those who listened to the pirates, and make them once again compliant to the zombie mind control from the established media. But Miles had already got there.........This is a crucial element of the BBC';s mind control via pop music and the scandal of Jimmy Savile, a Top vetted criminal used by the BBC to promote its premier pop music show Top of the Pops, and its side swipe ;in joke' Jim'll Fix it.

    Material edited from a documentary series called Irish Era of Pirate Radio.
    The final Megawatt station, Energy 106, involved the secret services, and alien abduction, while the BBC plays on with its secret dealings with DJINN.

    This playlist was unable to get the Irish Era Part 5... it seems to have been deleted by YT. It will be a while before we can upload it (March 2014) This shows the Raids in May 1983 in great detail
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  • Twenty Years of The Bases Series Play all

    In 1994 Barry King first revealed the existence of underground genetic labs near the Berkshire village of Peasemore, accessed via Harwell, and Greenham common. King alleges that the Russians, Germans the NSA and other agencies are involved with a population mind control program, and they use man made genetic GREYS, called Programmable Generated Life Forms, to stage MILABS, (Military Abductions). He claims nto have met a Reptialina "ET" in the Peasemore base. So Is all this hous-pocus? Events since that first VHS in 1984 seem to send enough alarm bells off to secure a full alarm bell warning, we need to pay attention, discover the facts,and act, or face extinction. The BASES Project bis an attempt to trace the data where it takes us, and to provide raw data for the researcher to take this further and ensure humanity survives. The data from the DJINN and the Sasquatch is . We are On Our Way OUT.
    First revealed in a series of typed files called The VOICE. (now available in two CDs)
    First released in a simple 2hr BASES 1, and later in a 4 hr tape called BASES 2, which included Bill Uhouse (Area 51 and DULCE)(USA), and Larry Warren (USA) (Rendlesham /Bentwaters) cases. Both available on DVD, and in a re-edited form 2007.
    Nick Pope was interviewed for the new BASES 3 tape in the Rendlesham Forest UFO report.

    Bases 2 had Area 51 (Test Site) insider Bill Uhouse, who spoke for 25 mins.
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  • The Bases "BACKROOM" series Play all

    The back room series are a set of adhoc interviews shot in busy locations, on the fly. Dick French was never seen or heard of again, but this is is first and only interview as a Project Blue Book insider, this and others like it are the backroom series. Some just don't have a "Bases" number, they just are.
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