• Soulvana - Channel

    • 37 videos
    Soulvana is designed for one singular purpose — to be the vehicle of your spiritual growth for months and years to come. It’s a first-of-its-kind academy, which brings together some of the greatest sp
  • London Real - Channel

    • 4,929 videos
    London Real is the curator of people worth watching.
    Our mission is to promote personal transformation through inspiration, self-discovery and empowerment.
    We feature interesting guests with fascina
  • The Dodo - Channel

    • 5,014 videos
    The Dodo on YouTube is a place for everyone who loves animals and cares about their wellbeing. Our goal is to make caring about animals a viral cause. We want our fans to fall in love with animals, be
  • Signals Music Studio - Channel

    • 126 videos
    Helping people write more music! Lessons and videos on music theory, scales, modes, chords, songwriting techniques, and song analysis with a focus on guitar.
  • Chetana | A Positive World | Mangaluru Diaries - Duration: 3 minutes, 43 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Chetana Child Development Centre, located on VT Road, Mangaluru is a day care centre with holistic approach towards social nourishment of the children.

    Special thanks to Prashanth Baliga and Swat...
  • Prince - Channel

    • 96 videos
    Welcome to the Official Prince channel - celebrating the life, creative works and enduring legacy of Prince Rogers Nelson. Check back often for new additions, including music videos, performance clip
  • John Mayer - Channel

    • 171 videos
  • Harald Baldr - Channel

    • 234 videos
    Northman with a penchant for history, politics and travel. I seek to spread individual freedom worldwide. Lifelong atheist.
  • George Thompson - Channel

    • 93 videos
    Uncovering powerful ideas and inspiring teachers. Join the adventure!

    This channel explores humanity's most powerful ideas and seeks out inspiring teachers to help us understand them. Psy
  • ForTheLoveOfBands - Channel

      ForTheLoveOfBands is an independently curated music blog and resource to discover awesome new independent and emerging talent.

      Reviews of up and coming independent and emerging bands a
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    • Bill Hilton - Channel

      • 216 videos
      Welcome to my piano channel!

      Most of my videos are piano tutorials. Hopefully you'll find them useful if you want to improve your piano playing and learn improvisation skills for jazz, blues and ball
      • CHANNEL
    • gerubach - Channel

      • 243 videos
      The goal of the Scrolling Bach Project is to provide all educators, composers, musicians and music lovers with a free online library of Bach's entire collection of his compositions in a scrolling form
      • CHANNEL
    • God Needs Our Mind to Know the World - Duration: 26 minutes.

      • 2 years ago
      A discussion about the nature of the mind.
      From the seven day retreat at Mercy Center - October 2015.
      For access to the full length video click here: http://non-duality.rupertspira.com/watch/the-d...
    • Michael Trimble - Channel

      • 92 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio - Channel

      • 83 videos
      Transforming singers through a holistic approach to breath, body, mind, and sound. I am a voice teacher, vocal coach, vocal producer and gentle guide dedicated to helping you become the singer you mos
      • CHANNEL
    • scienceandnonduality - Channel

      • 682 videos
      Cutting edge dialogue on the bridge between Science and Spirituality
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    • //TUNED// SESSIONS - Channel

      • 2 videos
      We're //TUNED// SESSIONS Shillong and we host intimate gigs reaching out to core audiences and true music lovers! No bullshit, only MUSIC!
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    • TenelliVoiceGuru - Channel

      • 225 videos
      This channel is about proper vocal breathing technique appoggio (lean upon) and open throat singing often called one timber singing or in opera chiaro-scuro.
      Theory as well as demonstrations will hel
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    • isingmag - Channel

      • 140 videos
      iSingmagis dedicated to singers and singing. Boom!

      We focus on anything related to singing and being a singer with articles, interviews, videos and audios covering vocal technique, performance, the m
      • CHANNEL
    • Matt D'Avella - Channel

      • 272 videos
      Hi my name's Matt D'Avella. I'm a minimalist, filmmaker & I made the documentary Minimalism.

      Most of my days are spent creating films so I don't have a ton of time to check email. You can send me a m
      • CHANNEL
    • Allegra - stopitsgingertime - Channel

      • 39 videos
      this is the place where i do stuff
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    • Theo Katzman - Channel

      • 19 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Graham Stephan - Channel

      • 306 videos
      As a 28 year old real estate agent and investor who started working in real estate shortly after turning 18, with over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales since 2008, I've created this chann
      • CHANNEL
    • Inside Edition - Channel

      • 16,750 videos
      Inside Edition is television's longest-running, top-rated, and most-honored syndicated newsmagazine. #1 in News and Politics on YouTube (Tubular Labs).
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    • Michelle & Barack Obama are Boring Now - Duration: 9 minutes, 4 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      Michelle Obama talks about being unemployed and boring, Barack having a messy office, which celebrities she texts with most often, writing her new book 'Becoming,' their daughters Sasha and Malia r...
      • CC
    • Mahesh - Alright - Duration: 3 minutes, 1 second.

      • 5 months ago
      "Alright" is a song written and performed by Bangalore based singer-songwriter Mahesh

      Join the mailing list for more content! http://bit.ly/MaheshMusic

      Though our times have passed
      And our healin...
    • Scary Pockets - Channel

      • 111 videos
      We are Scary Pockets, a funk band that releases weekly music videos, in pursuit of the funk. Scary Pockets is Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, with the help and support from a rotating roster of the best s
      • CHANNEL
    • Michael Mingoia Music - Channel

      • 88 videos
      Hello and welcome! My name is Michael and I'm a music coach, singer/songwriter and an actor. My main goal is to teach contemporary methods to the modern performer. The content of my videos range from
      • CHANNEL
    • MainSqueezeMusic - Channel

      • 65 videos
      The Main Squeeze is a raging post-funk experience based in Los Angeles, CA. They blend soulful vocals with high energy funk grooves and ripping solos that will leave you freshly squozen!

      Download the
      • CHANNEL
    • Sergio Calafiura - Channel

      • 110 videos
      "La voce, il canto, possono essere anche talento, ma è sopratutto la nostra capacità di trasportarci all'interno di un gioco o dentro quello che vorremmo essere e dire. Se immaginiamo quello che con l
      • CHANNEL
    • Jade Novah - Channel

      • 74 videos
      Singer | Actress | Writer

      My debut single “All Blue” available everywhere now!

      Stream/Download: https://empire.lnk.to/AllBlue

      ALL BLUE MERCH available here: https://www.bonfire.com/jadenovah-were-a
      • CHANNEL
    • MSM - Channel

      • 47 videos
      This channel is all about learning to sing for beginners. We are making videos with singing tips and helping people find their voices.
      We upload a new video each week on Sunday or Wednesday Evenings (
      • CHANNEL
    • Divine Journey - Channel

      • 26 videos
      Exploring the mysteries and thought-provoking perspectives on:
      - reality & the illusion of Reality
      - consciousness & quantum theory
      - spirituality & awakening
      - health & energy healing
      - and thought-p
      • CHANNEL
    • The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho - Channel

      • 194 videos
      Learn to sing with Kerri Ho:

      You'll find a TRUCK LOAD of helpful videos on :

      1. FREE Video Singing Lessons: practical tips on Vocal Technique using contemporary songs

      2. Short Singing Courses &
      • CHANNEL
    • Sophie Shear Vocal Studios - Channel

      • 63 videos
      Sophie Shear Vocal Studios
      • CHANNEL
    • jpcoopermusic - Channel

      • 39 videos
      My debut album 'Raised Under Grey Skies' is out now. jpcooper.lnk.to/RaisedUnderGreySkiesYT

      Get tickets to all of my tour here: jpcoopermusic.com
      • CHANNEL
    • Vocal Coach Dylan - Channel

      • 16 videos
      Want to learn how to sing? Are you getting confused with all the information out there? Learning to sing is simple, mastering the techniques takes time, and that’s where I come in.

      On this channel,
      • CHANNEL
    • Singing Made Simple - Channel

      • 104 videos
      Singing Lessons, Singing Tips, and Vocal Warmup Exercises with Hollywood Vocal Coach, Roger Burnley
      • CHANNEL
    • Jacobs Vocal Academy - Channel

      • 309 videos
      Welcome to my channel.

      This channel is dedicated to make you the best singer you can possibly be.
      • CHANNEL
    • Aussie Vocal Coach - Channel

      • 134 videos
      Visit http://www.aussievocalcoach.com to access a free Beginner and Advanced Vocal Routine to develop Technique and Confidence

      Aussie Vocal Coach is for people who want to discover how to sing and i
      • CHANNEL
    • Carl John Franz - Channel

      • 636 videos
      I teach singing
      I stream live music
      I talk about life
      I help people get better!
      • CHANNEL
    • SuperiorSinging - Channel

      • 102 videos
      Learn how to sing better with these singing lessons designed to give you step-by-step instructions.

      Visit my website to learn more and get some extra singing lessons. http://www.superiorsingingmetho
      • CHANNEL
    • Nicola Milan - Singing Tutorials - Channel

      • 116 videos
      ALL JAZZ AND BLUES SINGING TUTORIALS NOW BEING POSTED HERE: https://www.youtube.com/c/NicolaMilan

      FREE vocal warm ups: http://singerssecret.com
      Singing Academy: http://singerssecret.com/sing
      • CHANNEL
    • Sam Johnson - Channel

      • 135 videos
      Hi! I'm a voice teacher specializing in vocal technique.

      I will post reaction videos, covers, and vocal tips to help you become a better singer.
      • CHANNEL
    • Verba Vocal Technique - Channel

      • 141 videos
      Verba Vocal is all about help you to develop, maintain and indulge your singing voice. Anything is possible if you work hard enough. Please click the red SUBSCRIBE button, that way you won't miss ou
      • CHANNEL
    • Madeleine Harvey - Channel

      • 54 videos
      Hi! I’m Madeleine Harvey, a voice teacher and songwriting teacher in the West Palm Beach area. I love honey and biscuits, the color green, the smell of cinnamon, the sound of a banjo, the feel of a ho
      • CHANNEL
    • New York Vocal Coaching - Channel

      • 158 videos
      Voice Lessons To The World is a show whose mission is to help singers everywhere learn how to sing and improve their vocal technique. Hosted by internationally-recognized Voice Teacher and Founder of
      • CHANNEL
    • Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy - Channel

      • 608 videos
      Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy doesn't just "TALK" about singing. We DO IT! If their methods are so great, why don't they prove it? And why don't we hear their students actually sing?
      • CHANNEL
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