• My Crit (Gigi & Sharm Music Video )

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    Parody of Mickey Avelon's My Dick: https://youtu.be/TNgWQfOd-1M

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    My crit will drop you to your knees, yo crit couldn’t drop a flea,
    My crit stings like bees, your crit makes me want to sneeze,

    My crit got a legendary drop, yo crit just… got lost,
    My crit, buffed to blast, yo crit, too weak for trash,

    My crit hits to the Heavens, your crit not worth a mention,
    My crit slams like a tsunami, your crit cries to its mommy,

    My crits gone super Sayan, you crit’s gone roleplaying,
    My crit was talked about for ages, yo crit man … just shameless,

    My crit can take out a dungeon, yo crit, can’t even function,
    My crit, more mass than the Earth, right? Yo crit, more laughs than it’s worth,

    My crit is like, Titan sized, Yo crit, took 10 tries,
    My crit’s leet like Chuck Norris, Yo crit, did nothing for us

    My crit, one shot Deathwing, yo crit couldn’t down a fledgling,
    My crit, hard as stone, yo crit squishy like gnomes,

    My crit, legend like Athene, you crit like your level 15
    My crit large like Fel Reaver, the whole machine- yo shit can’t even be seen,

    My crit parts the seas, yo crit parts butt cheeks,
    My crit’s ready for Legion, yo crit- is so last season,

    My crit, so hot its stolen, yo crit is now rerollin
    My crit shoulda won an achievement, yo crit what?! Ha! Nobody seen it!

    My crit takes up 2 screens, yo crit rated T for teens,
    My crit, VIP… yo crit… needs ID

    oh My God…. look at her crit! Look at it… LOOK at it! Look. At. Her. Crit. Show less
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