• How pathetic can Trump get? He's a lying (politifact), racist (housing lawsuits), narcissistic, conman. But now it comes out he doesn't even care about being an actual president?? Trump apparently wants to give most of the work to his VP! As Kasich states Trump approached him with the offer of "How would you like to be the most powerful VP ever?" Trump just wants the TITLE of president. What a pathetic narcissist

    Doing All Actual Work Part Of The Deal For Trump’s VP - Duration: 11 minutes.

    • 6 days ago
    We’ve long suspected that Donald Trump doesn’t want the presidency to improve the country, but for fame, power, and money. New information shows he’s already explained to his potential vice preside...
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  • Ahh, Trump and one of his other Get-Rich-Schemes(The Donald Trump:Way to Wealth)to bilk people out of money. First 1/2 of the video is about setting up the scheme and who they are, then at 8:00 how Trump hired the schemers into this(Trump Institute)Then finishes off with Trump supposed donations over 7 years totaling only 10,000; saying he forgave his campaign loans but there is ZERO paperwork filed showing Trump has done so. No true billionaire would. Trump is a con man. America is his next con

    Donald Trump Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Exposed | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - Duration: 13 minutes.

    • 3 weeks ago
    Rachel Maddow looks at the get-rich-quick infomercial schemers behind Donald Trump's get-rich-quick real estate infomercial scheme call The Trump Institute, and other humiliating scandals exposed a...
  • California raised taxes on the rich, and their economy is booming. Cali by itself is the 6th largest economy in the world, and by rebuking conservative Republican garbage ideals of trickle down which was a disaster for the state. Now with Liberal policies Cali is running a surplus. While other states running trickle down are catastrophes after cutting down taxes on the rich.

    Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule - Laboratories of Democracy (HBO) - Duration: 6 minutes, 18 seconds.

    • 3 weeks ago
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    In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher makes the case that, if Republicans are going to call states the "laboratories of democracy," they ...
  • Whoops! Trump losing in the polls again. Looks like Trump at one point was maybe going to pass Hillary for good, but it didn't happen. Massive momentum shift to Hillary across the board. +12 points in HRC's favor. The same polls that Trum-pets were advocating before, now turn on them. And now its all... POLLS DONT MATTER!! Heh.

    Polls: Trump Campaign In Freefall - Duration: 9 minutes, 10 seconds.

    • 4 weeks ago
    Hillary Clinton is opening up a big lead over Donald Trump, winning by twelve points. The entire establishment appears to have simultaneously decided that Trump is horrible. Why? Cenk Uygur, host o...
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  • Trump is rank ignorant. Trump confesses to the constant merciless pain of not knowing anything. No one, no one should have trouble understanding. And yet Trump understands not a word.

    The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell - Trump's Tragic Ignorance - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    June 14, 2016 - How sad it must be for Donald Trump not to be able to understand anything, in this case President Obama's powerful remarks about the fight against ISIS.
  • Drumpf, talks from both sides of his mouth for purposes of fluffing himself up,for marketing himself/his name. On one side he will proclaim to be worth 10 Billion and have "papers" to prove it. On the other hand he claims to the IRS to be making less than 500 thousand a year, to get a $400 tax break, and to run scams like Trump University. This is not how a 10 billionaire does things. He's either lying about his wealth, or lying to the IRS. And he's NOT worth 10 billion. You know he's lying

    Trump Makes Less Than $500K A Year??? - Duration: 6 minutes, 8 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Donald Trump claims he has ten billion dollars. The facts indicate he has less than one billion. He’s been qualifying for a tax break designed for the middle class for several years now. Cenk Uygur...
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  • Trump is just a con man. He uses the illusion of having money, to fool those who'se true life's motto is "In Money We Trust", as if that is the barometer to measure a man by. The amusing thing is it very likely Trump isn't even worth 3 billion, maybe not even 1 billion. (almost all his propery he doesn't own fully) Trump himself has said his worth "flucuates based on my own feelings". Since Trump is a pathological liar, there really is no reason to give Trump the benefit of the doubt.

    Is Trump Really A Billionaire? - Duration: 11 minutes.

    • 1 month ago
    Donald Trump claims he’s worth $10 billion. New reporting shows he may not even be worth $1 billion. His four bankruptcies may have kicked him out of the "three comma club." Cenk Uygur, host of The...
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  • Mental illness is nothing to laugh at . . . but this is. Donald Trump and Charles Manson: One is a mentally ill megalomaniac with dangerous followers – and the other is Charles Manson.

    Crazy - Duration: 21 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    Mental illness is nothing to laugh at . . . but this is. Donald Trump and Charles Manson: One is a mentally ill megalomaniac with dangerous followers – and the other is Charles Manson.
  • Ahhh, Donnie Trump, here he is pretending to be another person, to brag about himself. This is what is called Sock Puppets on the net. Not only is Trumpelstiltskin (AKA the Orange Palin) a man boy with narcissistic delusions, he is simply a con artist (manipulative liar) of a magnitude we haven't had at this level in politics in decades. Just call him Don The Con

    John Oliver - Donald Trump and John Miller - Duration: 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
    All rights belong to HBO. Check out the official channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight
  • HA! I love how christians insist we must know everything before setting up a reasonable default position. Or that certain concepts cannot be logically inconsistent in the first place. Nor do we need to KNOW 100% of everything to rule out some foolish possibilities. (like Christianity)

    "Atheists Must Know Everything" - Duration: 3 minutes, 58 seconds.

    • 7 months ago
    You've heard this argument. I explain why it's dumb.
  • Christians can be so arrogant and insulting to people who left Christianity. People often leave a religion who were very involved in the religion (they were true christians), and also very comprehensive of atheism/agnosticism arguments, which they ultimately found convincing. I think Christians need to consider that the atheist they are talking to, was once just like them. Truly the scariest thought for any religious person.

    Re: Ex-Christian?! I don't think so! (More like FALSE Christian) - Duration: 6 minutes, 16 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    This is a video response to a video claiming there is no such thing as an ex-christian.
    Of course she may just say that I am spreading lies and putting...
  • Bible study types, are no better than deluded comic book geeks. Anal, obsessed, picky, fan boys over their "bible" (ancient goat herder comic book). The comic book geek has Batman vs Superman, the Bible Study Geek has Jesus vs Satan. Both deluded over their fantasy fiction, but at least the comic book guy knows its all fake, can't say the same for Christians.

    Religious People Are Nerds - Duration: 2 minutes, 56 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
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    I prefer the Bible's 2nd edition rules.

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  • What if us atheists are wrong about god? HA,turns out we go to heaven anyway. Sorry,Christians. Consider it,god loves us atheists more:"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just,then they will not care how devout you have been,but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods,but unjust,then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods,then you will be gone,but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones"

    "Atheists...What if you're wrong??" - Duration: 7 minutes, 45 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    An answer to a common question from believers.

    Reuploaded with permission of TheoreticalBS. Check out his channel for more great videos: http://www.youtube.com/theoreticalbullshit

    Transcript: ...
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  • How does G+ ruin conversations on YT? Here I go into some details the massive censorship on Youtube with G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/115974782376821086357/11597... From the basic limit of any comments older than 1000 being deleted, to your comments being secretly deleted unless you log out to check.

    Google+ Astroturfing Exposed - Duration: 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Note: Some users have pointed out that the top comment that was discussed in the video came from a user whose real name matches that of a person working at Google Marketing according to LinkedIn wh...
  • Hey, wait a second. If a painting needs a painter. But, us, "the painters", ALSO need to be painted... who painted that painter? I mean, God is BEYOND complex. Certainly a being as complex as god needs to have been made(according to the own common religious argument, finding a complex watch on the beach, etc)... So, who's God's God? Who made the complex god? Here's a good answer to that you can use.

    God's God - Duration: 9 minutes, 50 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/DarkMatter2525

    God does have a creator, but it might not be who you think it is. Ironically, it was God who was inte...
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