• What's It Like Being Fat with an Eating Disorder?

    4,514 views 2 years ago
    For seven years I've been overweight with an eating disorder. Some think fat people can't have eating disorders, but I want to tell you what it's like.

    If this is your first time on my channel, hiya! I'm Jessica. I make videos about mental health, dating, relationships and feminism.

    I have anxiety, an eating disorder and have been depressed for a few years so I’ve plenty of experiences to talk about. I’m also on anti-depressants so you know, I suppose recovery is something I can talk about too.

    I've some issues when it comes to my self-worth and my weight and all of that stuff, so sometimes I put up videos about that when it becomes too stressful and I just need to tell someone (anyone) about it. My camera is easier to tell, even if it means I do eventually end up telling actually people through that process (the actual people being you).

    Sometimes my videos will go more political, as I am very invested in the Repeal the 8th campaign, equality and the general political landscape (lol okay, I mean like, I follow Gerry Adams on Twitter).

    Slam poetry about all of the aforementioned topics* will be coming when I'm confident enough in my ability to write slam poems, and I don't feel like a fraudulent fool when I speak loudly and confidently in the way that slam poetry is generally presented.

    *I mean anxiety and mental health, feminism, relationships and dating and probably other topics in case you weren't actually paying attention.

    Anyway, subscribe and be sure to turn on notifications for my channel if I've piqued your interest. Don't if I haven't, but know that if you leave now, I'll never love you (which you may be grateful for - idk).

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