Get more customers to take action with YouTube

Get more customers to take action with YouTube Start seeing the results that you want with our latest features.

Start seeing the results that you want with our latest features.

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How YouTube Works

Custom intent audiences

Custom intent audiences

Connect with more interested customers

Reach people with video ads on YouTube after they’ve searched on Google. With new custom intent audiences, just input your keyword list, and we’ll constantly refresh your YouTube targeting with new people who’ve searched for those keywords recently.

Use Custom Intent Audiences 

TrueView for action

TrueView for action

Get customers to take action

With TrueView for action, you can get interested customers to 'buy now', 'get a quote' or 'learn more' with a clickable button that leads to your site. You’ll be able to customise your call to action so you get the outcome that makes sense for your business – and you’ll only pay when people show interest.

Use TrueView for action 

Location extensions

Location extensions

Help people find your business

Want to help increase foot traffic? Adding location extensions to your TrueView video ads will give interested customers your shop’s location, contact information, opening hours and more, when they’re near or show interest in your local area.

Use Location Extensions 

TrueView for shopping

TrueView for shopping

Make your videos shoppable

TrueView for shopping allows you to add product details and shopping links into your video content to make it easy for people to purchase items that are right in front of them.

Use TrueView for shopping 

Case Studies

Store visits allow us to see the transition from online to offline, which is the ultimate metric. Over time, we plan to integrate [custom intent audiences with store visits] as being one of our core KPIs.

Jonathan Whitney, Account Director, Mindshare

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines
YouTube provided us with the perfect platform to extend the reach of our TV campaigns, and to reach new, relevant, and in-market audiences. And the results have been fantastic!

Ben Williams, Head of Marketing, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Using the new TrueView for action video campaign type, we drove a substantial amount of sales with an impressive ROAS (return on ad spend).

Patrick King, Director, VAVAVOOM

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