• Neon Spaceship - Build Timelapse! - ULTRA Creative Mode!

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    im working on an animation project, so whilst building 3D assets im documenting the process :D

    ive just started working on this spaceship called neon, ive made a timelapse of the build so you can see how i do stuff!

    im working on a cartoon, so i need assets to use!
    first, im going to get a rough guide of my dimensions using minecraft, each cube is a a square meter so ill be able to make a sphere using my position as a centre point, using the command / hsphere quartz 33, i make a sphere with a diameter of 66 meters, now i also want a little band around in blue, so ill do that in lapis, fill in the floor, SAVE MY CENTRE POINT USING GOLD, leave through the top, create some reference points of the spheres cubic area, cut out this top back quarter & then save & import to mc edit.
    now i need to open this with mineways, select the area & create an object file that will translate all the block location data into a rawer machine code, so my computer can forget the stuff not needed in the memory used by minecraft & then we are left with a simple grid of the shape we are thinking of. - no lag. (& open lan meta-inf)

    now that we have that, we can carry on editing using loads more advanced tools, each point is now defined to .01 of a mm & any point can be connected to any other.
    & now instead of just first person perspective we have the choice to view this in isometric projection, the characters ive made are 2d so in most scenes i will need to use orthographic rules so that all the axis’ are obeying 120degree angles and equal parallel lines are the same length no matter the placement.because we have all this glass here we need to do the interiors so im gonna do them outside of the ship then cut them in, ill add some spacey looking technical stuff & make it look aerodynamic so you can imagine this thing flying, i guess it needs two doors to be airtight. lets imagine they figured out lightspeed in whatever gallaxy this is in. i dont want any mistakes in it, because ill use it as a master template so any bad bits will ruin it later.

    what i like about this sort of design is the entire time you get to wonder how would you sustain this in real life? how will the passengers survive?
    how pimp would your room be? i do need to build a proper UI, like a main area where the don chills in front of loads of screens :D

    my to do’s
    -- front “bumper” with embellishment.
    - spaceship map!
    - bad lad boy racer ultra sound system!
    - UI
    - More lightning bolts!
    - add terminals etc to front room
    - put pods in big main room between the two triangle red things at the back
    - design & EXPORT MODELS
    - DRAW HAIR & CLOTHES eyes etc
    - once ive figured out lighting ill remove the main light and it will all be lit using placed sources.
    - learn an efficient way to lip sync audio to character animation (adobe character animator)
    - need to learn to export things such as walking ]';
    - find best export options
    - decide episode length
    - chill!
    - create more!
    - ???
    - profit? Show less
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