• Jim Howard
    I have watched this video a number of times. What a great school. I hope we have schools like this in the United States. I wish all children like this could attend schools like this school.
    Jim Howard
    This is for the guys I guess. I follow Naomi "SexyCyborg" on YouTube. @Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu on YouTube. She makes great videos. She works problems and goes into detail. She also walks around China dressed like that. Many of her videos are the ones that you can use your mouse and move the view. Try that out. Pretty neat.
    Jim Howard
    Goodbye YouTube Discussion and hello YouTube Community. YouTube sites that have over 1,000 subscribers now have the ability to have a "community." I have, right now, 2,279 subscribers and I guess it is time to take this "community" out for a test drive. I plan to spend some time trying to make this something that makes my YouTube site better. I hope you all will join in and give it a test. There are some great channels on YouTube. More and more people are using YouTube more and more. Not sure what you and they will think of the community. I am not even sure what I will think about it. I do find that I use YouTube more and more. Now, if I want to know how to do something I check YouTube. Now if I want to get a review of a item I check YouTube. In the past, I would check Amazon reviews. Here is my most recent YouTube video:
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