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    Three years ago, we reported Jeff Epstein's Dyncorp had the responsibility for a covert weapons for drugs program operation under the color of law as a US surveillance operation based on a 1996 article from a reporter in Portland, Oregon.

    In an article, “Secret Island Spy Base 110 miles from Florida”, published in the Portland Free Press of July-October 1996, Gene Wheaton asserts that the most closely-guarded secret of the U.S. covert operators is located on Andros Island in the Bahamas; and is controlled by the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps. “The cover under which this domestic intelligence operation is buried,” says Wheaton, “is a U.S. Navy facility called AUTEC, a sophisticated underground/undersea computerized center for tracking Soviet (and friendly) ships and submarines.”

    However, continues Wheaton, the compartmentalized, illegal secret operation, buried within the AUTEC complex, is a covert intelligence project and operation directed against the civilian population of the United States. The reason for setting up the operation at Andros Island was to take it “off shore”, outside the boundaries of the United States, and bury it under the sea in a foreign country. Bahamian government politicians and bureaucrats were bribed into turning over control of Andros Island for this purpose, he claims, as previously noted.

    In Wheaton’s view, this secret facility was central to Theodore “Ted” Shackley’s “Third Option”; and the project to create domestic unrest, chaos, and the illusion of a domestic terrorist threat within America. According to the Portland Free Press, the operation was controlled by the same group of CIA covert operators who were running the Jupiter, Florida-based Continental Shelf Associates/ANV (“acta non verba” – action not words), and the New Orleans-based Pacific Gulf Marine; the same “lunatic fringe” of the intelligence community who were investigated by the Pike and Church Congressional committees in the mid-1970s, and Senator John Kerry’s Guns, Drugs and Covert Operation Committee in the late 1980s, related to the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Alleged to be involved was George Bush senior, who became CIA Director and, later, President of the United States, Theodore Shackley who was formerly CIA chief of station in Miami, Richard Helms, Robert Stevens, James A. Cunningham, Jr., and an élite inner circle of OSS and CIA veterans, Ray Clines, William Casey, Geoffrey M.T. Jones, et al. Incidentally, the Bush family oil company, Zapata Offshore, an off-shoot of the Zapata Petroleum Company, was allegedly used by the CIA as a cover in the planning of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba (see The Last Supper, 1988 by Philip Willan, p.294). The Andros Island covert operations evolved from the mid-1970s intelligence scandals surrounding CIA officer Edwin P. Wilson, Jr. and the creation of Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Task Force 157, Consultants International and several “front” companies. At the time Theodore Shackley was CIA Deputy Director of Operations, involving illegal gun-running, money-laundering and assassinations. Such operations were allegedly planned, launched and controlled out of Andros Island under the secrecy, unofficially, of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Wheaton says he “has reason to believe several questionable deaths are related to illegal covert operations under the secrecy of [the] NRC, and were planned and launched out of Andros
    The logs were kept by David Rodgers, just one of at least six pilots employed by Epstein at various times, court documents show.

    The other pilots included Lawrence Visoski, Bill Hammond, Pete Rathgeb, Gary Roxburgh and Bill Murphy, according to a statement of facts filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre in her 2015 lawsuit against Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell. In that suit, Giuffre alleges Epstein lent her out as a minor for sex with his friends.

    Logs from the other pilots have not surfaced in court records. Rodgers and Visoski were subpoenaed by federal prosecutors in Manhattan shortly after Epstein's arrest in July, The New York Times reported, and both pilots have cooperated with the investigation. Show less
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