• CONLEY: Blame | OFFICIAL VIDEO | Stoneman Douglas Tribute

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    Official video for 'Blame', the new single available on Apple Music, Spotify, & more.


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    People telling me that it changed
    I’m just saying that
    I’m lost in a dream and I’m dreaming
    Of peace and it seems like I’m caught
    Like fiend tryna feed off a fleeting thought
    Ima bleeding heart

    Try to pick apart
    Every bar is like art
    Trying to paint a picture of a
    Car stuck in park
    So I give it all I got
    The stupid car won’t give up
    While the high school down the street is getting shot up on the block

    And a cop is waiting outside terrified to shoot a glock
    While the kids are dying cowards out there planted like dock
    I’m surprised he didn’t get up try to run out through the flock
    Its the city where I’m from
    When I’m done You gon’ run

    How you gunna tell me that the school
    Knew the fool had problem in the head
    Had to bring his stuff in a plastic little bag
    And terrified peers with the bullets in his pack
    When he pulled up in the back

    The staff recognized the bastard
    Never been the same there
    Everyday after
    These kids lives will
    Never have laughter
    These are the lives
    Our system shattered

    That is the county that we all grew up in
    My mom and my dad, my sisters and cousins
    My wife and her siblings, parents and aunties
    And most of us left the county is helpless

    Haven’t you wondered why do not rep it
    I’m doing my best to get far as I can from it
    My son will not be brought up in Broward I promise
    I’ll never go back, the cities of failure

    Tell me that I may be being too rough
    Well I will just say that they did not enough
    Just think about how much the county knew of
    I’m proud of the kids that are saying too much

    People believe that the answer is one
    But I’m telling you now, oh this should be fun
    The system is broken and he got a gun
    Our governors plan will rewrite the sun

    Everything he plans should’ve been in place
    I’m surprised at how many can’t relate
    If you got nothing to hide, then show your face
    It’s the kids that are dying don’t make me wait

    I made this track for the rant of a nation
    Kid needed help and the school hesitated
    The laws have failed and he had temptation
    The devil in his eyes
    And I’ll never be, never be

    This a case you can’t dispute
    Rip it out the ground like a tree, uproot
    Whoo, Yea I’m down in my boots
    Everybody’s talking but I’m looking at you

    The scent of a swine so I blow it out my nose
    Like a sneeze, Achoo
    Yea, Look at Jake Tapper
    Acting like he knows, what fool I’m after

    CNN’s pushing a liberal agenda
    And Fox is defending a backwards contender
    The nation is split over who will surrender
    Like slamming the gas and then busting your fender

    Every time I try get up
    I just end up taking on a
    Person that is stubborn
    Misinformed and
    Never understanding
    Power of the people
    So divisions taking over
    I’m just spitting faster bars
    To make you read up
    On the lecture

    People keep on asking who’s to blame
    What a shame
    I’m just tryna teach you something
    Couldn’t learn in a day
    Where’s the power for the people
    When the clouds turn to grey
    Whats the reason for the problem
    Who will pray, who will say

    Blame the cop
    Blame the school
    Blame the County
    Blame the fool
    Blame the guns
    Blame the news
    Blame the games
    Blame the moves
    Blame the health
    Blame the youth
    Blame the wealth
    Blame you too
    Blame the law
    Blame the help
    But most of all
    Blame our selves Show less
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