• "Chiasm" - 1st Ever (Non-Bootleg) Drums FC!

    5,597 views 2 years ago
    My best FC ever, that's for sure! I really didn't think that I would be able to get this FC as fast as I did, although I was planning on eventually getting this. Really when I was playing this last night I was just trying to beat maze's bootleg FC score of 183k (my best was 182.8k). However, I managed to FC this anyway without even missing the long broken fill (2:35) or the ending (2:49), which was very surprising and lucky. The part from 0:45 to 1:05 is extremely difficult to hit all at once, and it took many tries to FC past it. The first and second times I FC'd past there I got really nervous and missed immediately afterwards, then the third time was the FC.
    Overall I think it will probably be a while before I get a better FC than this lol.
    And as if it isn't yet abundantly clear, hands is a separate run.
    Fun fact: dudes in the Triggy chat didn't believe I FC'd at first.

    [11/25/2016 10:55:35 PM] Nolan: chiasm NONBOOTLEG FCD1Q1!qqq|
    [11/25/2016 10:55:41 PM] Nolan: durmsd
    [11/25/2016 10:55:43 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): What
    [11/25/2016 10:55:51 PM] Nolan: oly,FUCKINS SHITY
    [11/25/2016 10:55:53 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): what
    [11/25/2016 10:55:54 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): WHAT
    [11/25/2016 10:55:55 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): Are you for real
    [11/25/2016 10:55:57 PM] emersom biggins: pics or it didnt happen
    [11/25/2016 10:56:00 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): ???
    [11/25/2016 10:56:01 PM] Logan (Meta123): nah
    [11/25/2016 10:56:05 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): send me a fucking pic
    [11/25/2016 10:56:06 PM] Keith McDonald: good bait
    [11/25/2016 10:56:06 PM] Logan (Meta123): I don't believe
    [11/25/2016 10:56:10 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): i also dont believe
    [11/25/2016 10:56:15 PM] Nolan: my best FC ever!!!! what thgew fuckjkjk]
    [11/25/2016 10:56:19 PM] Logan (Meta123): that's a low quality bait
    [11/25/2016 10:56:23 PM] Josh: Nolan chill
    [11/25/2016 10:56:24 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): That last post
    [11/25/2016 10:56:29 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): Makes me not believe lol
    [11/25/2016 10:56:31 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): last post gave it away
    [11/25/2016 10:56:38 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): You fucking scared me LOL
    [11/25/2016 10:56:44 PM] Nolan: NOT FFUCKING BAIT
    [11/25/2016 10:56:45 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): WOAH
    [11/25/2016 10:56:46 PM] Logan (Meta123): wait
    [11/25/2016 10:56:48 PM] Logan (Meta123): WHAT
    [11/25/2016 10:56:48 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): WHAT
    [11/25/2016 10:56:49 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): THE FUCK
    [11/25/2016 10:56:49 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): AHHHHHH
    [11/25/2016 10:56:50 PM] Logan (Meta123): NO
    [11/25/2016 10:56:51 PM] Nolan: GTOLD YOU
    [11/25/2016 10:56:53 PM] emersom biggins: LOL
    [11/25/2016 10:56:55 PM] Josh: Nevermind
    [11/25/2016 10:56:57 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): NO FUCKING WAY
    [11/25/2016 10:56:57 PM] Logan (Meta123): oh
    [11/25/2016 10:56:57 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): YOU CUNT
    [11/25/2016 10:56:58 PM] Keith McDonald: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    [11/25/2016 10:57:00 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): ALSO I LOVE YOU
    [11/25/2016 10:57:04 PM] emersom biggins: jfc
    [11/25/2016 10:57:11 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): well so uh
    [11/25/2016 10:57:12 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): yeah
    [11/25/2016 10:57:14 PM] Chris Boddy (Arandomrbplayer): what
    [11/25/2016 10:57:17 PM] Logan (Meta123): What the actual fuck
    [11/25/2016 10:57:32 PM] Logan (Meta123): bow down to nolan
    [11/25/2016 10:57:34 PM] emersom biggins: well that happened
    [11/25/2016 10:57:35 PM] Jarod (mazegeek999): Best drum fc ever Show less
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