• INVOLUTION(s) 2016

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    INVOLUTION(s) 2016
    Music by http://antropik.bandcamp.co......
    A film by http://www.crisubermann.com

    INVOLUTION (S) is a 15 minutes audiovisual metaphor exploring the impact on life and nature after a nuclear disaster, and takes place in the Japan of today. Meanwhile, the soundtrack supports the effort to combine this abstract representation of perception with the reality of an omnipresent and invisible threat

    INVOLUTION(s) explore dans une métaphore audiovisuelle introspective de 15 minutes l'impact sur la vie et la nature après un désastre nucléaire, et se déroule dans le Japon d'aujourd'hui. La bande-son quant à elle soutient l'effort de conjuguer cette représentation abstraite de la perception, à la réalité de la sensation d'une menace omniprésente et invisible. Show less
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    The film "Precession of the Equinoxes" redraws the evolution of the camera’s point of view in hands of the traveller who crosses time and memory, right during the 1950’s, cold war and mass tourism. Associated with onirism and beautiful music, the film refers to an ancient cycle of life : from Europe to America, Asia and Africa, it is cut into episodes where symbolism and poetry are the universal language, playing the role of an “Esperanto” on image. (Music: Various sources)
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  • ▷▷ 【BKO】ON AIR Play all

    "BKO ON AIR" (2014 / 52 min) is a film directed by CRIS UBERMANN, written by AYMERIC KROL & IBRAHIMA SARR, with the participation of Ibrahima Sarr, Fassara Sacko, Piers Faccini, Trico Boy, Tonton Lamine and more ! 4 Malian artists and one French meet to write a human and musical history. From the hill of blacksmiths of BAMAKO, through rehearsals with Ibrahima Sarr, and even animistic sacrifices of fetish celebrations, the immersion is musical and poetic. The original and unique gathering of traditional guitars (Djelingoni and Donsogoni) immerses you in actual Mali, Bamako of today. The precious voice of the griot and the deep one of the hunter, also associate with drums give birth to a musical creation never exploited. The present arises from the past, and images just remind it to us.
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  • ▷▷ SAHRA HALGAN returns to SOMALILAND Play all

    "SAHRA HALGAN returns to SOMALILAND" (2015 / 48 min) is a film written by SAHRA HALGAN & AYMERIC KROL, directed by CRIS UBERMANN.SAHRA HALGAN arrived in Lyon in 1992, she is a political refugee from her native Somaliland, formerly a British colony, self-proclaimed independent since May 1991, but as yet unrecognised by the international community. Great-granddaughter and granddaughter of traditional singers, SAHRA HALGAN has been singing since the age of 13, despite the disapproval of her parents and the poor image of female musicians. She is now back in Somaliand, and participate in musicals throughout her region and across the world.
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  • ▷▷ Charles PETITDEMANGE (PRINCE), dit RIGADIN Play all

    Charles PETITDEMANGE (PRINCE) dit RIGADIN (27 April 1872 – 18 July 1933) was a French-born film actor and comedian, best known for his screen persona "Rigadin" in numerous short slapstick comedies. He was also known as "Moritz" in Germany, "Whiffles" in England and the US, and "Tartufini" in Italy. He was the second biggest film star in the world in the years leading up to World War I, just behind his rival Max Linder. Prince's "Rigadin" character was similar to Linder's "Max" in that they were both upper-class dandys that were constantly getting into trouble with authority figures and love interests. Prince began his acting career on the stage and was hired by Pathé Frères in 1908. He made over 200 films as "Rigadin" from 1909 until 1920. By 1920 his popularity had faded and he played supporting roles in a handful of films in the 1920s and 1930s.
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