• Erol On AfMErica + The Full Movie !!!!

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    America is The Land GOOD People Fled to, to escape M.egalomaniacal P.sychopaths, Who get-off on Terrorising & Oppressing "Sex-Objects" .... M.P.'s have a much more primitive Brain than Humans Do .... ie They're essentially a grossly mentally handicapped 3 Year-old Monkey-Girl in "Human Form" ....

    But although They're Biologically Human They're Neuro-Anatomically more Simian than Human in Their "perception" of Reality & They "Never" Develop beyond 3 ....

    They form "rings" of Shite exactly like Themselves & are Guilty of what You'd expect from such Mentally-impaired & Semi-Simian Vermin .... eg Raping Children, (which They call "Tradition" in Scotland,) moreover, They lie "pathologically," which is WHY Their Genes have made such a Resurgence in the Modern Era ....

    eg "ALL" They have to Do is Say ONCE that "I AM WHAT THEY ARE" & You go back to sleep .... Perhaps because You can't Believe They ARE Lunatics Who "Know" Right from wrong & Choose wrong, as ALL They live for is Sexual-pleasure, but They've NO HUMANITY & are obsessed with "feeling big" ....

    The tiny-minded M.P. gets-off on Scaring Adult Human Beings, as Nero secretly Knows You SHOULD Execute it, as it's Only a 3 Year old Girl, with Half a Rhesus Monkey's brain .... However, YOU have let things DEGENERATE in YOUR Country, so much, it's got to the extent where They've SURROUNDED You by Organised "rings" of Sex-offenders, Who are "desperate" to drag YOU into a dungeon-system .... ALL of which "You" Are phenomenally-needlessly paying for ....

    Behind which, is a DETERMINED 3 Year old girl, in an Adult Body, Who wants to keep on "raping" Boys & having fun, by "murdering" & waging-wars, falsely imprisoning Human Men, "conning" the Masses, "gambling" in games of Brinksmanship (even though They're completely Void of Self+Awareness & are BLUFFING) because That helps the Baby's brain "CUM" & Baby hates EVERYBODY outside of it's "Ring" of like-minded SCUM & "secretly" The in-crowd too, BABY NEEDS SHOT !!!!

    Their "list" of callous, degenerate, debauched, attrocious appetites goes-on & includes "cannibalism," I repeat, NEEDING shot .... They're INCONTINENT ARSEHOLES Who want to DESTROY "Humanity" because They were born a Half-witted Monkey !!!!

    The whining reptile wants to be a SHOUTER, as it FEELS "big" when it SHOUTS at People if They meekly surrender to the Genocidal nit-wit .... So, to protect it's "tradition," the Spastic sets-up "rings" of gunmen Who are drooling, ghoulishly-stupid "Cerebral" Sex-offenders, Who "prefer" to Grab You & drag You into "YOUR" dungeon-system or Shoot You for "resisting" Their AUTHORITAAAH !!!!

    Everything You See is a FRONT for "deadly paedophiles" Who are Not Grateful for Being Allowed out of the Zoo .... Shite like that Need "Boundaries" or Their tiny nit-picking mind becomes permanently miserable, unless of-course You "resist" Their inevitable advances, as They're "addicted" to sadomasochism & get high on Conflict "They" start .... (Thus "Why" They promote Feminism & Gay Rights, as it's the promotion of "trouble-makers," Societally Engineered to Oppress Human Men further .... See, the Suicide figures ....)

    Zionist Jews are ALL Megalomaniacal Psychopaths, ie 3 Year old Mentally-impaired Girls, with Half a Monkey's brain between Their ears, Lording it over "Rings" of cabals of "Free" masons (Who are above the immoral Laws They "make-up,") Who hand-out Those rules to the nodding black-mailed Paedophiles, in Parliament, 90% of Whom are M.P.'s .... Who Lord it over the remaining "rings" of masons, Who lord it over the Police-farce, 90% of Whom are Sex-offenders Who are 100% Complicit with ALL that SUBHUMAN "SHITE" !!!!

    You FUND all those Reptiles, through TAX which goes to the Landed-Paedophiles, to Oppress You further "&" to Your Local Council, Who then hand the MULTI MILLIONS, You give Those Spastics, to the Local Paedophile "ring" .... They then make "Token" gestures & POINT that out if You Kick Up a Stink ....

    If You attempt to Expose The sleazy, scum-sucking, High-Functioning-retards, ALL They "then" have to Do is Say, "You're mentally-ill" & send the Sociopath-work Dept. to Your Door to vacuum You into a padded Cell, with 1 tick of a Box .... If You Refuse to pay They'll FREEZE Your bank-account, via an "imaginary" Kangaroo Court & Then throw You into YOUR "dungeon-system," to become Sex-SLAVE "labour" ....

    Humans are Becoming Extinct, because You FEAR being Thought-of as Being a BAD Person "by" THE BAD PEOPLE murdering You .... There's no such thing as an AUTHORITAAAH .... They "get-off" on "You" Seeing "Them" as being the "ARBITER" of Reality, making "definitive" statements, when They're "FUCK ALL" .... ie They're a play-acting 3 Year old Girl Who NEEDS shot in the face !!!!


    Kind regards,
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