• Christ and Covenant Theology - Duration: 119 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    “In the biblical drama of the living God’s works in creation and redemption,” writes Cornelis Venema, “no theme is more lustrous than that of God’s gracious intention to enjoy communion with humans...
  • Anger and Stress Management God's Way - Duration: 72 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Anger and stress come easily in our modern world—and, when unchecked, they destroy us. The world offers anger courses and stress-management seminars, but forgets the counsel of an all-wise God. If ...
  • Jeffrey A. Stivason: From Inscrutability to Concursus - Duration: 4 minutes, 50 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Jeffrey Stivason explores celebrated Reformed theologian B. B. Warfield's personal theological journey with regard to God’s mode of communication—explaining his theological and diagnostic contribut...
  • P&R Faithful Shepherd Conference - Duration: 46 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
  • Hungry: Learning to Feed Your Soul with Christ - Duration: 117 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    Hunger: it drives our bodies, shapes our day, and affects our choices.

    We are all too familiar with our physical hunger and the guilt it often inspires. But God designed us to hunger—our hunger is...
  • The Story: The Bible's Grand Narrative of Redemption, One Year Devotional - Duration: 117 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Jon Nielson has served as pastoral resident at Holy Trinity Church in Chicago and has worked in youth and sports ministry there. He has also worked as director of training for the Charles Simeon Tr...
  • The Thunder by Douglas E. Bond - Duration: 64 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    John Knox, the Thundering Scot, lives a life of adventure and danger. Here is the surprising story of a man unflinching in his stand for the gospel, even in the face of assassins and death.
  • The Dark Faith by Jeremiah W. Montgomery - Duration: 72 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    An epic struggle against evil commences as Morumus, a devout monk, seeks to unearth the truth of the Dark Faith. But while he seeks a weapon against it, dark currents drag him toward a dangerous co...
  • Picking up the Pieces by Lou Priolo - Duration: 65 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    A broken romantic relationship can wreck lives and is especially painful if you didn't want it to end. Here is relief to lead you from heartache to a healthier relationship with Christ.
  • Living God's Story of Grace by Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage - Duration: 44 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    An encouraging, vital study of the redemption stories in Scripture. If you have already learned God's story of grace, find out what it means to live in his story in faith and hope.
  • Lifted by Sam Allberry - Duration: 105 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    The resurrection is usually mentioned only during Easter and discussions of apologetics—but it has overwhelming implications for our daily lives. Allberry describes the amazing significance of the ...
  • Letters from the Front edited by Barry Waugh - Duration: 42 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Never before published, here is a glimpse into the formative years of a great campaigner for the faith . . . and a stirring example of how the faith of a seminary professor was refined and strength...
  • Hand of Vengeance by Douglas E. Bond - Duration: 60 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Cynwulf, a half-Viking, half-Saxon misfit, lives on the outskirts of his Anglo-Saxon community. When his battleaxe is found in a dead man's skull, he must clear his name or face the community's ven...
  • God's Promises by Sally Michael - Duration: 85 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Parents can help their early elementary children trust in God's promises revealed throughout the Bible with this full-color, illustrated guide that includes personal application and suggestions for...
  • Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear to Tread by Carl R. Trueman - Duration: 37 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    A pithy collection of the best of Carl Trueman's articles on culture and the church. This is a compelling, challenging, and sometimes uproarious look at how the world and the church intersect.
  • Fine China is for Single Women Too by Lydia Brownback - Duration: 73 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    Emphasizes living contentedly and fully in what God ordains in each season of life, specifically when his ordering is singleness.
  • 1 Samuel (Reformed Expository Commentary ) by Richard D. Phillips - Duration: 38 seconds.

    • 4 years ago
    When people think of 1 Samuel, they think of David, the man after God's own heart. Yet 1 Samuel introduces us to two great alter egos—Samuel and Saul. And let's not forget Eli, Hannah, and Jonathan!
  • Comforting Hearts, Teaching Minds: Family Devotions Based on the Heidelberg Catechism - Duration: 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Starr Meade enables families with school-age children to participate in satisfying devotions together by taking them through The Heidelberg Catechism—explaining its answers in short devotional read...
  • Sam Allberry summarizes the themes of his book: Lifted - Duration: 42 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    For many people the resurrection is a nice thing to believe in; a handy subject to return to at Easter time or when discussing apologetics. Otherwise we treat it as an event that happened long ago ...
  • Brad Bigney discuses his book: Gospel Treason, Betraying the Gospel with Hidden Idols - Duration: 3 minutes, 45 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    Author: Brad Bigney, senior pastor of Grace Fellowship Evangelical Free Church in Florence, Kentucky, is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America. He is also a member and cert...
  • My Grandmother Is . . . Praying for Me - Duration: 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    "My Grandmother Is . . . Praying for Me, Daily Prayers and Proverbs for Character Development in Grandchildren"

    Are you a grandmother? Or maybe you know a grandmother, are married to one, or fondl...
  • Reformation Study Bible Contest Drawing - Duration: 2 minutes, 47 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    This was P&R's Reformation Study Bible contest drawing. Anyone who "liked" us on Facebook on 11/30/11 was entered into the drawing. Since we got such a great response we decided to increase our giv...
  • Taken: Book Trailer - Duration: 61 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    "Five—Four—Three—Two—One!" "We're out of here!" Suit up! Jump into hyper flight with the four Wikk kids! Forced into a high stakes hunt for their missing parents by the sinister Cpt. Vedrik, the si...
  • Andrew Hoffecker talks about his new book "Charles Hodge" - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 6 years ago
    About the Book:
    Charles Hodge (1797--1878) is regarded by many as the most significant American theologian of the nineteenth century. He drove forward the rapid growth of theological education and ...
  • God's Names - Duration: 73 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    The Bible gives us many names for God and tells us what they all mean. And when we learn a new name for God, we learn something new about him, too!

    This book is for you and your children to read...
  • Bible Study - Duration: 62 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    What is Bible study? The answers are many and diverse! Is it the same thing as just reading through the Bible, or does true Bible study involve treating it differently from any other book?
    Here Ka...
  • The Doctrine of the Word of God - Duration: 71 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    This fourth and final volume in the acclaimed Theology of Lordship series discusses God's word in modern theology; as his controlling power, meaningful authority, and personal presence; and how God...
  • Hudson Taylor - Duration: 71 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    James Hudson Taylor totally changed the way missionaries worked with indigenous peoples, setting an example that missionaries continue to follow to this day.
    This is the exciting story of a soul c...
  • Resources for Biblical Living - Duration: 88 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    The Resources for Biblical Living booklet series addresses a wide range of practical life issues in a straightforward, down-to-earth, and most of all, biblical manner.

"Biblical, practical, straig...
  • Maximum Impact: Living and Loving for God's Glory - Duration: 94 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    Do you wonder how you can . . .
    increase the impact you have on others?
    strengthen your love for those around you?
    make a powerful difference for Christ?

    If so, this helpful book by Wa...
  • Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative - Duration: 96 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    Politics has become something of a joke—but not a funny one.

    Sound bites and knee-jerk reactions have replaced reasoned debate, and the church appears to wear a one-size-fits-all political jack...
  • You Never Stop Being a Parent - Duration: 64 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    You may have always expected your job as a parent to be done once your children reached adulthood . . . but you're quickly finding out that you never stop being a parent!
    Jim Newheiser and Elyse F...
  • Faithful Parent (The) - Duration: 100 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    http://bit.ly/dCkjfS Parents and children need help—a lot of help. They need help from the One who is perfect, who understands our need, and who can really help us—God himself. And because of that,...
  • Domesticated Jesus - Duration: 60 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    All of us try to domesticate Jesus in our lives, in little things like doubt, anxiety, or fear about the future. We domesticate him in the way we think about him—letting him into our lives, but onl...
  • Guns of Providence - Duration: 70 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    "She'll blow any minute! All hands, abandon ship!"

    The American Revolution ignites a fire that rallies patriots to fight! Sandy M'Kethe, along with freeman Salem Poor, find themselves enlisted t...
  • Why Johnny Cant Sing Hymns - Duration: 39 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    Changes in music have affected the way we think, the way we worship—even the way we are able to worship. Worship has become a conflict area, rather than a source of unity. T. David Gordon looks at ...
  • Reformed Expository Commentary - Duration: 108 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    All the books in the Reformed Expository Commentary series are accessible to both pastors and lay readers. Each volume in the series provides exposition that gives careful attention to the biblical...
  • The Christ of the Empty Tomb - Duration: 51 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    You have to hunt for the message of Easter. After all, this is not the joyous welcoming of a baby with the giving of gifts; this is the brutal death of a young man, stripped of any gifts and dignit...
  • Small Things, Big Things - P&R Publishing - Duration: 46 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    To help the reader discover the deep, theological truths of God in warm, human stories of common grace. Comprised of essays written to a congregation in the course of the authors work as a pastor. ...
  • Mike Milton interviewed about 'Small Things Big Things' - Duration: 2 minutes, 13 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    Mike Milton explains why he has written his new book, 'Small Things, Big Things' - and how it could change your life.
  • The Walk - P&R Publishing - Duration: 56 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    The Walk is a book written to those who have an ex-
    pressed desire to follow Christ as his disciple. It as-
    sumes no prior understanding of what that means, nor
    does it assume that the person...
  • Gospel-Powered Parenting - P&R Publishing - Duration: 57 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    A practical guide to parenting that starts with the differ-
    ences that the Gospel makes in the lives of those doing
    the parenting - most Christian books ignore this aspect.
  • The Christ of Christmas - P&R Publishing - Duration: 51 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    The Christmas story evokes many touching
    images. Halos, fresh hay, shepherds carrying
    new lambs and young motherhood in blue
    homespun. Its enough to bring tears to the
    eyes of Christmastime chu...
  • The Betrayal - Douglas Bond - P&R Publishing - Duration: 58 seconds.

    • 9 years ago
    Doug Bond's latest novel introduces many to a largely invisible or prejuducially ignored character: John Calvin. This historical fiction brings Calvin back from an unwarranted oblivion. Thanks to B...
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