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  • Gigantic Bean Bags - Look Inside and See EXACTLY Why Our Giant Bean Bags are the BEST!

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    Hey I’m Helmut Hampton, marketing director for https://www.giganticbeanbag... and I’m here on the 7.5 foot oval lounger. And what I’m going to do in this video today is I’m going to show you what this bean bag looks like up close and personal, because you can only get so much from pictures.

    So, I’m going to open it up, look at the foam, show you some other features you might not even know it has... And give you an idea of what it’s like to actually have one of these in your home.

    So let’s get started!

    Alright so here’s a bit of a far away shot. As you can see it is 7.5 feet wide. An 180 pound dude just comes flying out of nowhere and this thing does fine.

    It’s standing it on its side now. Now you can actually see, its’ pretty tall now.

    So you can see it’s got some holes there so when you jump on it like I did the air can escape through the holes. It doesn’t just pop. I mean, its sturdy material, but that’s just going to keep it lasting longer so that air can escape as you compress down on it.
    Zipper… lets get this going.

    And now we’ve got the 100% cotton liner. Now this liner holds… let’s say for example if you want to take this entire cover off and wash it in the machine, you can do that. It’s machine washable. And this will hold all the foam while you’re doing that.

    So we come over here and now this right here, this is double zippered. See, I take off one zipper but I’ve still got the other zipper underneath. So you go all the way down to there. And then underneath, you’ve got the other zipper.

    I’m gong to be more careful with this one because I don’t’ want the foam spilling out all over the place. Now you can get a good look at the foam that comes inside the bean bag. This is high quality, polyurethane, eco friendly foam. This is what makes it so comfortable. Its’ the same kind of foam used in standard, regular furniture. That’s what makes our bean bags so comfortable and last such a long time. Let’s get this back in here.

    And there we go. That’s what it looks like. As you can see, double stitched for security. Very high quality sturdy material. Give you a feel for what it looks like in motion, right?

    Let’s get this zipped back up. And there you go. One of the great things that I really like about these is that you can shape it. As you can see here, it’s kind of high right now, if I were to come down on it, I can flatten it out a little bit. See there? Or, if I want it higher, I can just get it like that and shape it however you want.

    You can always just move it from one room to another. I’m a little out of breathe moving this around. You can always move it from one room to another just by grabbing it or getting a friend to help you. You see this is very sturdy material.

    So, if you have a 7.5 foot bean bag, that’s a lot of weight. So, it’s got to be sturdy and be good material to be able to pull it and move it around. So that is what the bean bag is like! This is the candy apple red color here.

    And here we go. Yup. Nice and comfy.

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