• Will You Fall For It - Game Luck, Risk and Challenges

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    Will You Fall For It is a brand new game that hasn't been done before! Challenges, Risk, and Luck!
    Total of $220 in cash prizes won!
    Round 1 and 2 is luck, but Round 3 you risk it all with a 50/50 chance of luck to make more than you already won! Find out who wins in this new game show!

    Let me know in the comments what challenge would be the worst to do? It can be something used in this game show or something else.

    How to Play Will You Fall For It:
    There are 2 or 4 teams of 2 people on each team.
    For 2 teams:
    There are 2 winners. One teams come up with 1 prize and 2 punishments or challenges. The other team has 3 punishments or challenges, but know one knows what is under the cups till they get picked. One person on one team starts off by asking the other team, “Will You Fall for cup (1,2, or 3 (say one number))?” The other team decides by saying “I Will Fall For It” for yes and “I Will Not Fall For It” for no. If you say “I Will Not Fall For It” that cup is pushed to the side meaning the other team gets what under the cup at the end of the round. It could be a punishment/challenge or the prize! Then the other team asks the same question. The other team responds with an answer. If they say “I Will Fall For It” and get the prize they split it with their teammate. The teams that have remaining cups do the punishments/challenges. If it’s a punishment/challenge the 2 people on that team has to do the punishment or challenge.

    For 4 teams:
    There can be multiple winners, but only 1 or 2 have a chance to win a bigger prize. It’s about the same, but there is an extra prize and 2 more punishments/challenges in round 1! 2 teams face off against each other at a time during round 1. Then the other 2 teams compete in round 1 to see who which team moves on to round 2. Split the prize in half with your teammate. You face your own teammate for a chance to take 50% of their 100% of the prize so you have a little over half the prize. Round 2 is a simple game of Rock Paper Scissors.(Best 3 out of 5) The final 2 people move on to round 3. In round 3 you play Will You Fall For It again, but this time both players have to have 2 cups each. One for the prize and other for the punishment. 1 person goes first by saying, “Will You Fall For cup (1, or 2)” Other person will answer. If they both pick each other’s prize cup they both switch prizes and both win. If they both choose the punishment/challenge cup they keep their current prize, but have to do the punishment/challenge. If one person picks the other persons prize and the other person picked your punishment/challenge. 1 person goes home with both prizes and the other person has to do the punishment/challenge.

    8 punishments/challenges/bonus used in video:
    Bite into a lemon and eat it
    Bite into a lime and eat it
    Bite into a grapefruit and eat it
    Bite into a raw red onion and eat it
    Eat a clove of garlic
    1 teaspoon of tabasco sauce (Used habanero hot sauce instead)
    5 sour warheads in mouth for 10 secondsBonus $20 That you win no matter if you lose.

    Thanks to everyone who was part of this video to make it happen!
    Ryan Rostrom: @ryanrostrom
    Justin Alphabet: @justinalphabet
    Nathan Alphabet: @nathan_alphabet
    Rexie Anderson: @rexieloo
    Jentrie Stastny: @jentrierosanne
    Kimball Morris: @kimball.morris
    Lauren Hunter: @laurenhunn
    Paige Christensen

    #willyoufallforit #gameshow #funny
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