• Twelve Imp Theory

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    Episode 1 “Wait you don’t’ remember running away into the storm?”
    Imp can bring her back to life if she works for it. So, Imp must have power even as a failed reaper if this is to be true?
    Now per Supernatural Wiki, Reapers do not possess the ability to restore life, but only project themselves however they please. If this is our ‘fact’ then Imp is lying to May and is unable to truly revive her. IF though we are going to bend the rules for all known Reaper facts, we could assume that with enough power Imp can possibly revive May as he promised, but per his own words “Other reapers want to use your soul for power, but me I don’t want to do that, I got that privilege taken away” – Episode 1 (Modified for Shortness of Paragraph). May also said in Episode 1 “How do I know you won’t just send me to the underworld?” per Imp’s reply “Kid if I still had the ability to do that, we wouldn’t have even talked” This once again states that Imp can’t gain his power and without this power he won’t be able to revive May and give her life. He is clearly lying for some reason which is unknown as of right now. I can only assume that with his trapped state he is hoping to create enough friends to possibly reap all 12 souls at once.

    Episode 2-
    In episode 2 when May was just getting used to tapping into Ivy’s memories Imp showed her how and after saying “It’s pretty fun isn’t it?” She put 2 and 2 together to determine that Imp went through her memories. From this we know that Imp was manipulating her from the start, he knew she would accept his offer and cause him to allow her to shift bodies, in a sense after the clock was ringing at the end of the last episode May saved him but in doing so made a pact with the devil in a way. He could use her own emotions and past against her, just like he is making May do with Ivy and her other vessels.

    Episode 3-
    On the theme screen, it shows Imp and may trying to grab each other’s paws (Stubs), it looks though as if by their facial expressions that Imp is sinking somewhere in fear and May is trying to save him? Why would this be unless it’s a hint at what is to come? May is saving Imp’s life somehow? Later in the episode he says “Ugh May you always have to see the surface of things” What does this mean? Is he indicating that everything he’s told her has only been the surface? Perhaps his deal was just a deal on the surface which is all she can see, but underneath it’s more than a deal? Not to mention that a few moments later when he is comparing that for her to control Heather that she needs to have more ‘soul’ which is his way of saying will. Because Heather is willing to die to be free she is controlling the body vs May. When May decides that she will do just that and have more ‘soul’ than Heather, Imp becomes nervous as if afraid that she was seeing or mentioning something that he didn’t want to bring up.
    Later in the episode May begins to complain that she’s too tired that she doesn’t know if she can keep going with Heather, or any other vessel. She says “What happens if I mess up? Do I die, will they die?” This was a foreshadow of sorts to a future episode where she will mess up and it will cost a dog named Cypress his life, he will blame her and will be the shattered watch face in the group of the rest. He will say that it’s her fault for not trying harder and she should have done more.

    In the final action of Episode 3 Heather died and left with her god, but as her doing so May fell and began to enter the void till Imp saved her. This was another foreshadow at what was to come, was the darkness May say the calm before the void? Or was she already in the void?

    Episode 4-
    In episode 4 Imp states that “You need to be in control of yourself before you can control others”, this is a clear statement that May wasn’t in control of her actions, but why? Why wasn’t she? Was Imp possibly controlling her long before? Perhaps that scene at the beginning showing her and Imp along with her vessels disappearing has something to do with this? Is May perhaps losing herself? Or Perhaps the Imp has only told us the surface of what we needed to know? Only the few things to get May to trust him before working behind her back. Show less
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