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Chala Tulu

  • Welcome to Ethiopia. You seem to be genuinly interested to be in Ethiopia. I hopy you will help Ethiopians achieve our dreams. However I have a word of caution, "Please do not listen to the diaspora whose origin is Ethiopia, claim to be Americans now but interfere in Ethiopian affairs. They are intent on destroying Ethiopia under the guise of freedom and democracy. We need to be able to feed ourselves first before we can afford the luxury of freedom and democracy you Americans enjoy."

  • What a show of lies,wishful thinking and deceit. This glorifies and romanticises the life of misrey and oppression under the dictator.

    Welcome to the real Eritrean

    • by tedi1
    • 2 years ago
    8th YPFDJ Conference Sweden 2012
  • Thanks Ben for exposing the lies, deciet and treachery of Guenbot Sebat and its mouthpiece the so called ESAT. We have known all along that they are being financed by the enemies of Ethiopia. What makes it even sadder is that these traitors have no qualms, whatsoever, to plot with our enemies to destroy Ethiopia as long as they can come to power. How desperate can they get? Is there any more serious crime than betraying your Motherland? I salute Ben for being in the forefront to fight them

    Ben's Point of View on the latest Breaking news which exposed the true nature of Ginbot 7

    Ben's Point of View on the latest Breaking news which exposed the true nature of Ginbot 7 (Produced by:
  • Superb analysis and presentation! The desperate diaspora are bereft of the qualities we hold dear - integrity, honour, valour and deep lover of our Motherland. They dream of seizing power at any cost even at the cost of implosion and destruction of Ethiopia. Proseperity of Ethiopia is anathema to them. The wish that Ethiopia sinks into abyss so that they seize power. How greedy and selfish! Fancy this guys becoming our leaders. Bravo, Ben! As always, you are a hero and a legend. Keep it up!

    Ben's Point of View: June 4th, 2013

    Ben's Point of View: June 4th, 2013 (
  • Hi Ben, I love and enjoy listening to you. You certainly don't mince your words when you talk about these power-hungry desperados. The disaspora desperados have no qualms about colluding with Ethiopia's arch enemies to seize power. Ethiopia is fighting poverty and diseases, they are busy plotting with its enemies. I salute you, Ben for standing up to those diaspora bullies who believe they are authorities on democracy just because they happen to have big mouths. Keep it up! You are a legend!

    Ben's Point of View: 26 Mar 2013 (

    Ben's Point of View: 26 Mar 2013 (
  • How bemusing is it to see this cross -toting clown flanked by his 'screaming hero' preach about the unity of politics and religion. The 'screaming hero' spoke at length about his heroic scream and thanked God for enabling him to scream in the midst of powerful presidents and prime minsters. Can you imagine anything more radiculous that this.

    Ethiopian Journalist Abebe Gellaw speaks his views at St. Gabriel's Church in SEATTLE

    • by zendro
    • 1 year ago
    SEATTLE (MAY 27) - Journalist Abebe Gellaw, who became an instant hero after shaming Ethiopia's two-decade dictator Meles Zenawi at a global symposium in Washington, DC on May 18, 2012, shared his ...
  • What honour does a man who claims to be a journailst and who descended so low that he screamed in a meeting, "We need freedom more than food." deserve? The vast majority of Ethiopians dispute his assertion. Just because his belly is overfilled and spiling doesn't mean that other Ethiopians don't need food. We need food as much as we need freedom.

    Seattle honors Abebe Gelaw.avi

    Ethiopians in Seattle on Sunday honored journalist Abebe Gellaw with Medal of Courage for his selfless act that shattered the morale of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at the Ronald Reagan Building on ...
  • get lost

    Abebe Gellaw - Oslo Freedom Forum 2012

    Abebe Gellaw speaks at Oslo Freedom Forum 2012
    Outmaneuvering State Control

    Exiled journalist Abebe Gellaw reveals the shocking level of control that Mel...
  • While you have the right to protest, I am disappointed that you have descended to screaming in a meeting. You have no professional ethics. You are not fit to be a journalist. Abebe - the Mahtama Gandhi of Ethiopia. Is that what you claim? Good luck!

    Interview with Abebe Gelaw May 2012.mpg

    A timely interview with the veteran Ethiopian journalist Abebe Gelaw: Awramba Times May 2012
  • Hi guys, you are dying for a hero. I am really disappointed by your standadard of heroism. Sreaming in a meeting doesn't make one a hero. Heroism is when you face the army of a brutal dictator(Mengistu) armed to its teeth and defeat it. Abebe screamed, "We need freedom more than food." Was he speaking for himself or for all Ethiopians. The vast majority of Ethiopians need food more than freedom. By the way we can have food and freedom at the same time. Good luck in your search for a hero.

    ESAT Yehud Weg Tamage Beyene back from South Africa

    ESAT Ye Ehud Weg 27 May 2012 Ethiopia about Journalist Abebe Gellaw and Activist Tamage Beyene back from South Africa - Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT)
    ESAT is the f...
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