• How much should you charge on Fiverr?

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    How much should I charge on Fiverr? I guess that everyone has thoughts on how much they should charge as a freelancer. No one wants to be too cheap. Everyone wants to cost as much as possible. So how much is that?

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    First of all, Fiver is no longer a 5$ platform. They are orientating into more expensive services and higher quality. They launched a pro program (Pro gigs start from 100$). That is an indication that Fiverr doesn't want to be known as a cheap services platform anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if Fiverr would reduce the visibility of cheap gigs and make more expensive gigs way more visible in the future.

    In the beginning, you want to build a reputation, sell as many gigs as possible, and reach the next level as fast as possible. At some point, you will reach a moment when you will get more orders than you can handle. That sounds great? Right? It is a great feeling to hit personal records on the number of orders. But you can’t work 100 hours per week.

    When you become limited by time, you need to find that sweet spot. The spot which would let you earn enough, but it won't reach the time limit that you have. The best way to manage the number of orders is to change the price. Remember, when you increase the rate, most likely, you will get fewer orders, but your earnings will stay in a similar range, or they might even increase.

    I was working in this principle for whole my freelancing carrier. I started with $15 gigs. When I reached the $45 mark, I thought, "Will anyone pays this?" People paid. Same for $55, $65, $85 and up. The confidence builds with every step - it gets easier and easier. Of course, my services are not the same. I try to increase the quality of the services all the time. When I charge more, I can spend more time on that specific order, I can reach a better result, and that brings me more clients. You should concentrate your focus on quality, not quantity. If you sell a shitty service, no one will buy them anyway.

    That is another essential part of your freelancer's success. Even if you feel comfortable, don't forget to learn new things. There are always things that could be learned, and that could help you to provide better services. Better services equal to more clients. More clients equal higher prices. A higher price equals more revenue for you.

    Ok, you have reasonable prices, you know your field of specialty very well. What would be the next step that you should do to earn more?

    Imagine two options. At first, imagine a standard freelancer on Fiverr. He writes lyrics for rap songs. He charges $500 per song. This freelancer creates excellent songs, clients love it, and he has a bunch of 5-star feedback. Now imagine another option, Eminem decides to open an account on Fiverr and to write lyrics for rap songs. Just for fun. He charges $5000 per song. Which one will get more orders? What do you think? I can bet that Eminem will beat that freelancer with ten times higher prices even if those two "freelancers" write songs of similar quality.

    You need to become more and more like Eminem. You need to brand yourself. If you will get more people to know you for what you do, that will help you to get more orders. How to do that? There are many ways to achieve that. There are a lot of platforms which could help you. In depends on which field of industry you are, but for example:
    - You can write a blog
    - You can film a vlog
    - You can make tutorials
    - You can stream how you work on Twitch. A lot of people like to see how other people are working and learn from them.
    - Facebook and Instagram ads are available to everyone. It is a super-easy way to reach people by just paying for the reach.

    There are many ways how you could get attention based on what you do. All this attention could help you to expose the fact that you are an expert in your field.

    Another tip. Don't limit yourself only on one platform. We have many other freelancing platforms. I like Fiverr and Upwork.

    I can't tell you the exact number of how much should you charge. If you are new, try to be more conservative with your rates. If you are good, soon you will have a reputation, and you will be able to charge more. Quality is the king. Don't try to sell the most if you feel that you are getting more orders than you could handle comfortably. It means that it is time to raise the rates! Show less
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