mSTORK (Minor Artists)
mSTORK (Minor Artists)

Amongst the dexterous synths, palpitating electronic beats and guitar scribbles, Michael Stork's lyrics pour out with an unmistakable brightness and gravitas. Whether electronic or acoustic, Michael's songs grow and mutate with every listen

As a rap vocalist he has forged a distinctive path over the last 15 years through numerous albums and live shows around the UK. His style and delivery oscillates between the baritone drawl of Roots Manuva and the twinkly-eyed cheek of Andre 3000, whilst occasionally bristling with Gandalf-like fury against draconian forces as he draws energy from that deep seam of genuinely rebellious rap music

Thematically Mike is unafraid to tackle innocence and guilt, the everyman and the deviant, science and folklore, spirit and flesh, the Renaissance and the drizzle-defying British BBQ, all with a delight in language and outlawish charm.

Joel Wilson   70elevators.com
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