• Vaultastic: Archival, Compliance, Ediscovery & Backup solution for 0365, G Suite, ZImbra and others

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    In a recent report, IDC states that over 60% of business critical information, sometimes exclusively, is stored in emails. Learn more: https://www.vaultastic.com/......

    With Vaultastic, you can securely archive mails (including attachments) for Google Apps (Now G Suite), Office 365, Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes (Now IBM Notes), cPanel, MailEnable and other popular email solutions.

    Here are 5 reasons how Vaultastic can benefit your enterprise:

    1. Unlimited Storage: There are no storage based plans or limits. Simple retention based plans with unlimited storage.

    2. 99.99999999999% data durability: All your mails stored in a secure vault with comprehensive security which makes it one of the most secure enterprise vaults yet.

    3. Protection against Tampering: Vaultastic is safe from intentional or unintentional deletion of mail and user accounts.

    4. Email Journaling: Vaultastic securely archives mails before they hit your mailbox, thus ensuring that all the emails sent and received are always archived.

    5. Vaultastic does not require any infrastructure, storage or manpower resources. Get started right away!

    For more information, visit: https://www.vaultastic.com/

    With email being used as a primary notification mechanism in electronic transactions and as a primary document sharing mechanism, IDC estimates that nearly sixty percent of the business critical information is stored, sometimes exclusively in emails.

    Add to this, its recognition as documentary evidence in legal matters and it becomes vital to secure and preserve the information contained in the main store. Another study by Osterman research found that the typical email user sends and receives 110 emails per day in an organization of 2,500 email users. Roughly 17.9 million emails will be sent or received every three months.

    Even if there is an occasional need to search this enormous amount of content, searching for critical information in individual mailboxes on personal devices can be a nightmare, so if your IT team is burdened with requests to restore lost mails and mailboxes or if your end users like to refer to old mails which are not available in the mailboxes or if you require to submit email as a documentary proof for legal disputes and compliance.

    What you need is an email archiving solution. An email archiving solution will ensure business continuity, make historical information easily available and also satisfy legal and compliance requirements.

    A central archive can also make both end users and ID staff much more productive by making it easy to access it. Introducing Vaultastic, the easiest and the most secure email archiving solution. Having an email archival used to mean expensive hardware purchase or a difficult setup and management process.

    Not anymore, with Vaultastic you can get started with email archival in just 2 simple steps. It's easy to deploy, easy to maintain and easy to use. No provisioning of hardware, software, storage, manpower or any other infrastructure. Vaultastic comes with nearly 100% data durability.

    Your emails are archived in a cloud storage with multi-layered security making it one of the safest email Vaults out there. Vaultastic is safe from accidental or malicious deletion of mail and user accounts making it a tamper-proof vault.

    Vaultastic archives mails before they are delivered to the users inbox, this guarantees that all the mails exchanged by a user are always archived.

    Vaultastic has been built by an award-winning team that has been servicing the email and collaboration needs over the last 10 years and is trusted by leading enterprises.

    Interested? experience it first-hand! visit www.vaultastic.com and sign up for the zero cost no obligation offer. Show less
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