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    Hi family! Welcome to Chronically Strong! I’m Shawn, I’d like to consider myself somewhat of an inspiration blogger. I share pretty much anything that inspires me, in hopes of it doing the same for my readers! I talk about everything from Lifestyle and Pescetarianism, to IBD and Ostomies. I hope you enjoy your visit! If so, be sure to Subscribe for More Awesomeness.

    Another big part of what I do is Advocacy

    I like to empower people to be more than just patients, but partners in their own healthcare. I like to think I serve as a voice to those who may not have their own.- I work with various healthcare companies, sharing my story and opinions with the goal of improving life for the chronically ill (one small step at a time).

    My story is pretty long, but to sum it up for you:

    My mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when I was only a few years old. My sister and I struggled to live a semi-normal lifestyle by being raised between two homes: my mother’s (who was in-and-out of mental institutions) and my grandmother’s. – For fear of being taken away from our family, this is a secret we kept until we were of age to make legal decisions on our own. After years of symptoms, at 17-years-old I was diagnosed with my own chronic condition: Ulcerative Colitis, a form of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. I struggled with my diagnosis greatly. On top of being ashamed and embarrassed, I spent years on steroids and even went without insurance (and medication) for a while. Around 2013/2014 my condition began to spiral out of control (again). – It was at this point that I decided to take control of my health. I spent years trying various treatments: biologics, corticosteroids, you name it. Unfortunately, I never achieved remission. To-date I have had around 6 surgeries (small and large) related to IBD, 3 of which were for my Jpouch! – Meaning I had my Colon and Rectum removed and my small intestine surgically shaped into a “J” to essentially act as a Colon. To read more about My Journey with Ulcerative Colitis and IBD, click here.

    I’ve always had a passion for writing. During my Jpouch surgeries (in 2014) I started my first blog. A lot of people think that UC/IBD is all about the bathroom. – But it’s not. I wanted to show people that. I began talking about my surgeries, life with an ostomy and the pain of living with active inflammation. – But the surgeries were extremely hard on me. I stopped blogging for a while and decided to focus on myself. – After a few years, here we are again! In 2016 I started this site (formerly known as More Spoons). I love having a space to create and just share my voice and small slice on life!

    I decided to travel

    For a very long time I had no control over my life. I spent much of my life in hospitals. I knew what it was like to survive. I never understood what it meant to live. I decided to Travel to see what life has to offer and learn what it means to truly live outside of the hospital room. You can follow my travel life on here and my YouTube channel.

    If you enjoy this video be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE as I will be posting a few times weekly (and it REALLY does help with my channel). ALSO: Be sure to check out the blog: chronicallystrong.com - LOVE YOU GUYS! XXX: http://bit.ly/2k9jl22

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    Vlogging my international (and some domestic) travel experiences!
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