• Democ - Light It Up [prod CarterBoyz]

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    Produced by The CarterBoyz
    Filmed / Edited by Ben Zschunke
    Directed by Ross Britz
    Guest Staring Ms. Jennifer Jones

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    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    Thank you for joining me
    Welcome to the worldwide smoke session
    Everybody must light it up
    This the anthem right here
    Whether you at a concert
    Club, Car on the way home
    Your apartment, Light it up

    Man it unbelievable
    Achieving the unachievable
    Stretch out the game
    Like pizza dough
    Raps how I breath
    And I need to flow
    Collect accounts receivable
    So much money cant see the floor
    Cant get enough
    Man I need the dough
    Ten G's a show
    Always need some mo
    Yo Shorty blowing up my beeper
    Said she wanna kick it like Fifa
    Enrolled in sex ed 101
    Girl I'm bouta be your teacher
    Got a voice you could be my feature
    Lets Scrooge these niggas Ebenezer
    Like bah humbug
    When its time to unplug
    Ain't a thug
    But I gotta mouth piece
    Of a preacher
    God Damn we made it
    You roll a blunt and I'll cremate it
    Song so sweet like Al Green made it
    Bottom of my kicks push down these haters
    Like Big Gip we steppin up
    Talk big shit but my rep is tough
    My bitch got bubbles like 7up
    Nigga that's right Ima Pay Per view
    Say shit on cable they wont show
    Saw you on Sisqos video
    Man you gotta stop wearing those thongs bro
    Bitches like you betta disappear
    When a real nigga ignite it up
    Blunts, pipes, joints, bongs, vaporizers
    Light it up

    Light it up
    Hop out the whip and
    Light it up
    Jump off the boat and
    Light it up
    Me and my niggas we
    Light it up
    Worldwide we
    Light it up
    Hop of the plane and
    Light it up
    Board a train we
    Light it up
    Chop game we light it up

    Like cinder blocks nigga hold it down
    Rap royalty bitch I hold the crown
    But a nigga to fly to stay
    On the ground
    So I travel the world until my sound is found
    Y'all half the mind of this master mind you couldn't craft these raps
    Even if you had the metacarpals of the hands of time
    You couldn't fast rewind enough to not be past your prime
    That's asinine
    Tell you like Mike Krukow
    Grab some pine
    Fuck do you mean can you hit my weed
    Bitch ass nigga betta grab some wine
    Or find another way to pass the time
    Caz you know you ain't having mine
    Unles you wanna stand in line
    And when you get to the end gotta pay a fine
    I open my bag smell like gas
    Under my gas cap
    Smoking on that petro
    So when I pass it
    I pass gas
    Blunts and brews Young Einstein
    On the 1'2 and 2's like math class
    I make her quack like afflack
    We go up and down like the Nasdaq
    Im a pilot
    Lovin how high I get
    Im a fly negro
    If you see me high off violet
    Cast your ballot
    Not a single veto
    And if you wanna join the session just let me know
    And I'll make sure your invited up
    Blunts, pipes, joints, bongs, vaporizers
    Light it up

    415 we Light it up
    510 we Light it up
    707 we Light it up
    414 we Light it up
    213 we Light it up
    504 we Light it up
    770 we Light it up
    402 we Light it up
    408 we Light it up
    303 we Light it up
    917 we Light it up
    516 we Light it up
    347 we Light it up
    323 we Light it up
    415 we Light it up
    Everybody Light it up

    Written by: Democritus
    Produced by: CarterBoyz
    Mixed by: CarterBoyz
    Mastered by: Michael Hogan
    Artwork: CarterBoyz and Sean Faulkner Show less
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