• Why We Need a New Political Party in American Politics

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    Enough of the political bickering and partisanship in American politics! For solutions on how to unlock political gridlock and get politicians to simply do their jobs, visit: http://www.noneoftheabove.us

    Are you tired of the political dysfunction and polarization in Washington, D.C., as well as throughout our city and state governments? Wondering what can be done to stop the partisan bickering among politicians and continual gridlock between the two main political parties? Want to see interviews with the nation’s leading thought leaders on how to establish a new political party that can succeed in local elections and affect the 2020 election?

    Then you’ll love this YouTube channel (subscribe, top right!).
    Meet Steve Nemerovski, an author, college professor and the founder of None of the Above — a nonpartisan organization dedicated to the idea that the ever-increasing dysfunction and polarity within our great American experiment in democracy can be ameliorated with effective, competitive third party politics.

    There are many ideas out there on how to fix America’s polarized, dysfunctional government, but Professor Nemerovski’s proposal on using a third political party to first disrupt the power of the majority party at local levels nationwide has the best chance of succeeding,
    Learn the grassroots tactics and strategies for changing the 4 incumbency protections politicians built into and perpetuate through the legislative process of American politics, namely:

    1. Campaign finance
    2. Ballot access
    3. Rredistricting
    4. Voting rights

    Here’s a little secret: incumbent legislators from both parties pass legislation designed to virtually guarantee re-election by making it extremely difficult for a third party challenger to mount a serious campaign.

    What it comes down to is the democrats and republicans are not playing fair.

    Incumbency protection is the main cancer we’re fighting. It, my friends, is destroying our political system.

    Our democratic process will be better served at all levels of government when there’s enhanced dialog regarding the critical issues of the day, when this dialog occurs with a heightened sense of civility and respect, and when the system is brought back toward the center. None of the Above’s mission is simply to provide solutions to fix our broken political system.

    Please join our quest for finding solutions to break the cycle of political dysfunction and polarization. Show less
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