• Energy, Part 1: How to See Energy and Auras | Rebel Guru® Radio: Episode #1

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    In this episode, Eric teaches us how to see and harness Prana. This is the fuel that powers your ability to heal someone, see things dimensionally, and experience a deep connection with the universe. Most schools of thinking don’t teach you how to collect and utilize Prana, which severely limits your potential of achieving anything spiritual or psychic.

    Eric delves into the complexities of Prana using simple analogies everyone can understand. Explore Kundalini, auras, tonal and frequency, and the difference between "the Force" and the "dark side." Learn methods to bring energy into you, build your relationship with the Force, and allow it to remove obstacles in your life to lift your spirit above the static haze of everyday human consciousness.
    This episode is a real treat for all you energy connoisseurs out there. Enjoy!

    - What energy is and how can you see it, harness, and work with it (2:25)
    - Explore different kinds of energies including love and kundalini, and why we need energies (6:00)
    - What the difference is between prana, auras, energy, and tonal (17:00)
    - What the aura is, how you can see it on demand, and why the New Age approach hinders spiritual growth (20:20)
    - What frequency is and the relationship between organic and dimensional bodies (28:00)
    - What “The Doe” is, how it affects you, and how to build your tonal (35:40)
    - How to handle negative energies around you (40:50)
    - What assimilation is, how it affects you, and how to be mindful of it (46:05)
    - How imbuement works and how emotions intertwine with spirituality (51:00)

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