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    Professional Cuddler Kan demonstrates how he goes about his cuddle sessions and why he feels that he was meant to do cuddle as a profession. If you want to find out more go to
    Kan: My name is Kan, and I do professional cuddling in New York City. Honestly, I don't even love the word cuddling. If I was going to name the therapy, I would call it alternative touch. It's the kind of touch like everybody loves when at the salon they shampoo your hair. It's attention paid, I feel.
    Speaker 2: Hey! Oh my god.
    Kan: to make my apartment somewhat of a health oasis in dirty Chinatown, I have brought in a hospital-grade nanoparticle air purifier. It even gets the chemtrails out. And all these plants are living, real plants, so bringing in fresh oxygen. I have a humidifier, essential oil diffuser. The water that I offer guests and that I drink myself has been multistage purified and sometimes also distilled.
    What are you feeling like? You want me to rub you? You want to spoon? You want to hug?
    Speaker 2: I want to do everything. Come here. Oh.
    Kan: Sometimes with clients, we'll talk about the elephant in the room, which is why are they coming to hire a professional cuddlist? What is their experience with relationships, with intimacy? You know, their mom never hugged them, their wife is very cold to them. Some, a couple of them, have been people who, I got the sense that they were on maybe the autism-Asperger's spectrum, where they just have never been able to engage in a natural intimacy with friends. They don't even, you know, high-five their friends. It's just been a very isolated, physically isolated, experience.
    Speaker 2: What is that? Why?
    Kan: Is it tender? Like it's ... I consider so many people my best friends, but I'm so many different people's singly, only best friend, because I think that is ... That's why I think I'm good at this.
    Speaker 2: You have best friend written all over you.
    Kan: I just have this ability to make someone feel like they're my whole focus.
    Speaker 2: Right. I mean, I call you my best friend. Like, oh who's that? That's my best friend. Even though we rarely spend time together and we just met beginning of August. That's my best friend. It's real. It's real.
    Kan: Attention is magic in this universe, and it has the power to shape reality, it truly does, so sending positive, loving, affectionate attention at someone is going to have supernatural benefits. I mean, it just does. It just works.
    Speaker 2: I feel like I matter. That might have been a little too deep, but that's how I feel. That's how I feel. I think cuddling can do that, make you feel like you're a human being, especially when you feel invisible to the world.
    Kan: I just have always been someone who likes touch, so when it became an option of this being something that's like a new, alternative therapy, it just made sense. Show less
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