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    Welcome to the Chewy YouTube Channel, Chewtube! Here’s your ultimate destination for everything cute, cuddly, fluffy, furry, and, well, Chewy. Get all the latest details and Chewy.com reviews about our latest online pet supplies. Chewtube is sure to have a cat commercial or dog commercial for just about any product you need, and makes the process to get pet food delivered, a breeze. With honest Chewy.com reviews, online pet supplies shopping just got a whole lot easier! The Chewy company culture is all about bringing our pet parents and animal lovers the best customer service, one paw at a time. With the Chewy.com Youtube Channel, Chewtube, you'll never feel out of the loop again. Here, you'll learn all there is to know about being a great pet parent. Froom choosing purr-fect treats for your new kitty to pup-tastic products to help train your new doggie, the Chewtube has got you covered. Nothing beats having an online pet store giving you all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to be the paw-tastic pet parent you were born to be! With our online YouTube Channel, Chewtube, you're just a click away from a Chewy.com commercial video that interests you, and two clicks away from getting pet food delivered straight to your door. It's time to have all your pet dreams come true.

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    • 20 Greek Dog Names | Chewy - Duration: 100 seconds.

      • 3 days ago
      It’s all Greek to us! All Greek dog names, that is.

      In our Greek dog names video, we’re looking to the Greek Isles to give you all the dog name inspo you need. Whether you have Greek heritage, en...
    • Bringing Home a Pet Bunny? 10 Things You Should Know | Chewy - Duration: 72 seconds.

      • 3 days ago
      Is there anything cuter than a snuggly pet bunny with its fuzzy bunny butt?! No. No, there’s not. So we completely understand if some bunny special has caught your eye and now you’re thinking of br...
    • Are Ferrets Good Pets? | Chewy - Duration: 76 seconds.

      • 1 week ago
      Have you started asking yourself, “are ferrets good pets?” Maybe you’re ready to commit to some small pets and have considered ferrets. Well, we’re here to lay some ferret facts on you and give you...
    • 10 Things Your American Shorthair Is Thinking Right Now | Chewy - Duration: 71 seconds.

      • 1 week ago
      American Shorthairs aren’t short on opinions. They think all kinds of thoughts, and if you’ve ever looked into your American Shorthair’s round, little face and wonder, “what is this cat thinking?,”...
    • 8 Things Only Siamese Cat Owners Will Understand | Chewy - Duration: 64 seconds.

      • 1 week ago
      While each feline friend has their own cat personality, there are plenty of cat breeds that have personality traits that they share. If you’re a kitty parent with a cute Siamese cat, then you know ...
    • 9 Japanese Dog Names | Chewy - Duration: 57 seconds.

      • 3 days ago
      As a pet parent, you’ve probably made a long list of pet names that you’ve saved until you could finally adopt the right pup. But now that you’ve found the paw-fect pal, all of the cute puppy names...
    • 8 Things Only Chinese Crested Owners Will Understand | Chewy - Duration: 63 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Are you a big fan of small dog breeds and hairless dogs? Well, hold onto your hats because we’re about to give you the wombo combo of your life: Chinese Crested Dogs. They’re a small dog breed and ...
    • 10 Fun Facts About Pet Ball Pythons | Chewy - Duration: 99 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Ball pythons are one of the most popular pet snakes in America, and once you learn some ball python facts it is easy to see why! Ball pythons are great pet snakes for beginners. Ball python colors,...
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  • Chewy Eats Play all

    Introducing Chewy's new pet food series!
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  • Puppy and Dog Training How-To's Play all

    Looking for the perfect puppy training playlist? Learn how to train your dog to sit, stay, and so much more!
    • How to Crate Train an Older Dog - Duration: 2 minutes, 26 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Time to teach your old dog some new tricks! Crate training an older dog might seem like a challenge, so we’ll show you how to teach your adult dog to love their dog crate. Whether your dog is past ...
    • How to Teach Your Dog to High Five - Duration: 114 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      If you’re looking for some dog tricks for you and your dog, why not learn how to teach a dog to high five? High five is one of our favorite dog tricks here at Chewy! It’s one of the coolest dog tri...
    • How to Stop a Puppy From Crying at Night - Duration: 2 minutes, 10 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      As pet lovers, we're all familiar with that puppy crying sound that makes us want to rush over and comfort our fur babies. If you're a new puppy parent, you probably hear that sound when your puppy...
    • How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment | Chewy - Duration: 2 minutes, 3 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      Puppy training may seem like a scary task, especially if that puppy is destined to become an apartment dog. No worries, you won’t have to move out of your really cool high rise apartment in order t...
    • How to Stop Puppy Jumping - Duration: 110 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      Puppy jumping might be cute when your little monster is, well, little. But as they grow bigger and bigger, it’s going to get less and less cute. Fortunately, with the these puppy training tips, you...
    • How to Stop A Puppy From Biting - Duration: 2 minutes, 33 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      Puppies are paws down adorable, but puppies biting your hand are definitely not. We'll show you how to stop puppy biting so you can go back to loving on your cute cuddle buddy instead of hiding you...
    • Cool Dog Tricks: Catch a Frisbee - Duration: 2 minutes, 13 seconds.

      • 9 months ago
      Need a fun way to help your active dog burn energy? Teach them some cool dog tricks, like how to catch a frisbee! Your four-legged friend loves learning new dog tricks! Plus, a dog that is regularl...
    • Teach Your Dog to Drop It - Duration: 2 minutes, 12 seconds.

      • 11 months ago
      Teaching “Drop It” to your dog can save your shoes...and even your pet! We’ll show you how to get started. Your sneakers will thank you.

      Want the pet products you just saw in this video? Here ya ...
    • How to Help Your Puppy Overcome Separation Anxiety | Chewy - Duration: 2 minutes, 48 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      If your furry friend hates to be left alone, chances are he might have puppy separation anxiety. Just like humans, dogs can develop separation anxiety after experiencing loss or dramatic life chan...
    • How to Train Your Dog Using Positive Reinforcement | Chewy - Duration: 2 minutes, 41 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Positive reinforcement training helps you reward your pup to encourage the behaviors you want. This is of course the opposite of negative reinforcement which should never be a primary option. Negat...
    • How to Potty Train Your Puppy | Chewy - Duration: 3 minutes, 29 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Raising a puppy means introducing them to new rules, especially The Golden Rule– when and where to use the potty. We’ll show you how to potty train your puppy with some house training tips. Make su...
    • How to Leave Your Puppy Home Alone | Chewy - Duration: 3 minutes, 5 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Want to learn how to leave your puppy home alone? Well, we’re here to help make puppy separation anxiety a thing of the past. Whether your puppy is destructive or disruptive when left home alone, a...
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  • Cat Advice with Jackson Galaxy Play all

    Whether you want to learn about catification, cat behavior, or general feline tips, Jackson Galaxy has you covered!
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