• Overwatch - WidowMercy (unlike anything you've ever seen)(4 months work)

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    *Meh, stupid text limit, will edit a bunch out*

    FINALLY done with this project. Started over 4 months ago, LOL! It has taken quite some time to look through like 2TB of video files to find suitable clips. I pretty much went chronologically and stopped when I had enough. Would have liked to go through much more for BETTER clips, as I do have some epic stuff, like Widomakers killing 5 players in under 10 seconds, and also remember there's one somewhere where one Widowmaker headshots TWO people on her way down while falling. Not worth the effort to find the better clips, so these will have to do.

    All I knew I wanted to do was to make a video with a bunch of clips where I pocket Widowmakers, and it's hard to come up with anything decent when most of it is from Mercy's POV. Well, after a bunch of time, thinking and tinkering, I came up with something I like. I'm not into memes (which most people seem to pack their videos FULL of today, combined with music that suck, IMO.... I'm weird and picky), so there will be none of that, sorry.

    Anyway, I wanna explain a bit about the different "parts" (SPOILERS):

    00:00 - Needed some sort of intro to introduce the sound volume for the first music played at 00:22, which starts of with a high drum beat.

    00:22 - Didn't know yet what I wanted to do, only knew I had a clip I wanted to start with and a piece of music I like. So, I did my best to make the clip fit the music. Finding the different music for this video took soooo long as I'm picky. When the calm part of the music started there had to be something else going on, and a single-rez montage hit me. Then when it want back into "beat" mode, I liked it too much and didn't wanna move on to the next "part", so thought long and hard before I came up with this dancing stuff. Syncing Mercy's dance was WAY harder than Widowmaker's, especially Mercy's second part (when she backs up) as the shoulders and feet doesn't move together as well as when she walks forward. I mainly synced the feet anyway so if you look at them, it's more OK-ish. Didn't know a good way to reset Widowmaker's dance so just went with her arms out in a jerking motion (to the music) back into the loop. The scrolling text was supposed to have much less text, but never got around to it.

    02:19 - Time to try something else, no syncing this time (maybe only in a couple of places). Used some more voice lines, but with speech bubbles this time.

    05:00 - Similar to the first one, but WAY more complex (took forever to edit). The last thing I did for this part was the moving boxes in the beginning as I couldn't come up with anything fitting to put there when I first started. Tried a bunch of things but no clips would look good synced to that. Some comments was the right way to go (they needed a bit more work tho, I see errors).

    08:19 - I wanted to do a WidowPredator thingy. As I use an old version of Adobe Premiere, I don't have the fancy stuff I would need to do Predator's vision, or even motion tracking for his head. The stuff in this movie that moves with the stuff (like speech bubbles) are done manually. This bad head tracking was just temporary (same in the second Predator part) and I was gonna go back later to fix it, but just couldn't be bothered after 4 months (many more places that needed fixing). At first I was just gonna add a blue tint/hue to the screen with some Predator sound effects and call it a day, but noticed when Widow ults, the enemies goes red, so I tinkered a lot and came up with this effect. Used a bunch of chroma filters and loads of layers. Wanted to add more to this part but my laptop CPU couldn't handle it. It ran sooooo slow making editing painful, so went on to the next part. I know the "glow" shows a bit here and there and outside the heroes. I was too lazy to do more masking as stuff ran soooo slow so couldn't be bothered as it's frame by frame manual work.

    09:51 - Inspired by the UHF and Hot Shots 2. Couldn't find decent death sounds so just used some random SHIT I found on Google somewhere and made the best of it. Finding a video clip of a planet blowing up that is not of Earth or too alien looking etc took forever. Had to scour through documentaries and shit. Not that it makes sense NOW, but it would make MORE sense if Mercy came up from her throat, but didn't look good so just made her pop up from her jaw instead :)

    12:02 - OK, as it was too painful to add more Predator stuff to the previous part, I made this second Predator part to add the two more things I wanted to add in the first one. Leaving out the "glow" this time and red dot thingies on the left side.

    12:41 - Was gonna end the video here, but thought I would throw in some random "funny" clips first (not all Widowmaker related).

    Music used:

    Drones: http://bit.ly/2hBDLzw
    Bitch please: http://bit.ly/2gqtw2B
    On The Prowl: http://bit.ly/1mAFhQY
    Skip in my Step: http://bit.ly/2zT0TCg
    Sexy Time: http://bit.ly/2mEbUUJ
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