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  • Sound Sleeper app - put your baby to sleep in 10 seconds flat!

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    We use Sound Sleeper religiously for our newborn whenever she has trouble falling asleep. I love its variety of relaxing sounds (womb, vacuum, fan, rain,..) and that I can add my own. I love that it can "listen" for my baby and start playing if she cries and that it can track her sleep pattern. And it even can work in the background and doesn't require an internet connection. Frankly, I just can't imagine our parenting without this baby sleep app.
    Full disclosure - my husband wrote this app! Thank you honey! Show less
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  • Baby Care 101 Play all

    In this course you will learn the important basics that are so mystifying for new parents: bathing and changing your baby, tips on breastfeeding, how to calm your baby and help them sleep, sleep safety, home safety and car safety, and knowing when to call the doctor. A hand-picked, all-in-one introduction to Newborn Basics, with the best and most experienced teachers, all of them certified medical professionals.

    Newborn basics
    Get excellent tips to assist you with your baby's bath time, changing a diaper, and how and when to do tummy time, and a variety of ways to safely and comfortably hold a baby. Learn all this with the qualified staff at Epworth Freemasons hospital (Victoria, Australia) and Sunnybrook Hospital (Toronto, Canada).

    How to Calm a Baby
    Newborns cry a lot, and this is normal! They are simply getting used to life outside the womb. As parents, our job is to learn the way to calm them during their first few months. Watch Dr. Harvey Karp – one of America's most widely known pediatricians - explaining his 5 S's technique for calming crying babies: Swaddle, Side-Stomach Position, Shush, Swing and Suck.

    Learn how to breastfeed successfully from breastfeeding expert Corky Harvey, the co-founder of Pump Station & Nurture of Hollywood, CA. Learn how to master the latching technique crucial for comfortable breastfeeding, as well as how to prevent common breastfeeding issues.
    Sleep Safety
    A safe sleep environment is crucial for your newborn. Dr. Andrew Eisen from Touro University and his colleagues from Southern Nevada Health District explain how to create a safe sleep environment according to The American Academy of Pediatrics.
    Home Safety
    How can you make your home safe for your children? In this informative video, Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Preston discuss issues concerning toxins in your home. Speaking from their own experiences as mothers and Board members of Children's Health Environmental Coalition, Olivia and Kelly offer simple you can take to make your home safer for your children and your family.
    Car Safety
    Traveling in the car with your baby requires extra safety precautions. In this series, Dr. Alisa Baer, pediatrician and child car safety expert, explains important car safety rules, including correct car seat setup, the safe sitting position for your baby, appropriate clothing for a baby buckled into a car seat, the correct way to buckle your baby and finally, safe swaddling in the car seat.
    Medical Issues
    Watch Dr. Delaney Gracy from Children's Health Fund explaining how to treat some of the common medical issues you might encounter with your baby, such as flu, sunburn, bug bites and allergies.
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  • Baby Massage Play all

    Both parents and baby can benefit greatly from baby massage. Learn from Jo Kellett from Tiddley Pom Baby Spa, a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists and a certified infant massage instructor, and acquire the special techniques that will help you relax and bond with your baby before bedtime or during the day. Learn specialized techniques to help your baby with indigestion, colic, constipation or teething
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  • Caring for Your Newborn Play all

    In this class, pediatrician Dr. Sema Hart and Prof. Jim Coffey discuss a variety of topics including breathing, bath time, diapering, swaddling, pacifiers, cutting fingernails, care after circumcision, and other concerns common to new parents. This class was produced by 292-BABY - a community collaboration administrated by Monroe Community College.
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  • Power of Positive Parenting Play all

    This course is based on the award-winning book and work of Dr. Glenn I. Latham, professor of education and behavioral science at Utah State University. In this course, Dr. Latham presents a kind, firm, down-to-earth and clear guide to raising children with love and discipline. His method provides valuable solutions for problem behaviors as well as long-term guidelines for building stable, loving families. This course was produced by Utah State University.
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  • Testimonials Play all

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