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    How to become a horse farrier

    Are you planning to become a farrier? If so, then there are a lot of things to learn before you can enter the craft. They deal with any activity in relation to the preparation or treatment of the foot of a horse. Usually, they are viewed as specialists when it comes to equine hoof care, dealing with the fitting and nailing of horse shoes. But the work can be much more than that. And their tasks are not simple and easy. The following are some things to keep in mind when planning to become a horseshoer.

    1. Prepare your body.

    Not a lot of people know how much physical labor is involved in the work of a farrier. In general, four hours of shoeing a horse is said to be the equivalent of eight hours of construction work. Just imagine how physically demanding it can be. This is why those who are physically fit are at an advantage when applying to become a farrier. But this doesn't mean the weaker ones have no hope. You can still enter the craft if you manage to adapt to the workload and master the field in both theory and practice.

    2. Accreditation is recommended

    In some places, this isn't required, making it easier for aspirants to enter the field. However, it is still a good idea to get accreditation as many employers consider it as an advantage when hiring workers.

    3. Enroll in a school.

    There are farrier schools which specifically educate and train people to become farriers. They have different programs designed for different levels. In most cases, there will be an instructor or two to handle the students. I t is usually recommended to take an apprenticeship aside from enrolling in a farrier school to gain more experience.

    4. Take an apprenticeship.

    The best way to learn the craft is through experience. You can be an apprentice for a certified horseshoer and shadow him as he goes through his day as a farrier. Doing so allows you to see what a typical day in the life of a farrier looks like. This also gives you a different perspective of things are done other than the ways taught at the farrier school.

    5. Prepare for start up costs.

    You need to shell out some cash if you want to become one. For one, you need to pay for tuition if you decide to enroll in a school. Living expenses must be shouldered as well even if you just choose to take an apprenticeship. You may also have to spend money purchasing equipment, but most farrier schools allow their students to keep their tools upon finishing their program.

    These are five important things you should remember when thinking about how to become a farrier. It is not an easy job. You need to prepare both your mind and body in order to cope with the amount of work that comes with the craft.

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