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    The most common question the people of Toronto ask us is "...How do I avoid getting bed bugs?..." . Most people don't think about bed bugs until they've been affected by them personally. Once that happens many hours of research is spent learning about bed bugs, how to exterminate them and how to avoid getting them in the first place.

    Avoiding bed bugs completely is simply no longer possible. It is quite easy to be exposed to them and not even know it. Over the past ten years the bed bug problem has increased to the point where it is quite likely that if you're in a public place there are people that have bed bugs on them within shouting distance of you. It's not a pleasant thought but it is, unfortunately, true.

    There are many places where bed bugs are found and avoiding them is simply not practical. Busses, airplanes, taxis, trains and all forms of public transportation are likely, at one point or another, to have a least a few bed bugs that have been brought into them and left behind. The problem here is that once a bed bug looses its 'grip' on the person that brought it in, it will find a nice dark hiding place to live until it gets hungry. Bed bugs feed on our blood but they prefer to feed in a dark and undisturbed setting...

    Can you think of the perfect place for a bed bug to feed?... How about a movie theatre! Movie theatres provide pretty close to the perfect feeding environment for bed bugs! A theatre is dark, filled with numerous humans that are essentially sitting still for long periods of time... Perfect!

    Doctors' offices, medical clinics and hospitals are also very common places to find bed bugs but you simply can not avoid going to these places can you?!... So, in this video we offer some easy and very practical tips on how to avoid bed bugs when you're in places and situations that tend to present a higher degree of probability that you may be exposed them.

    When travelling it is important to conduct a bed bug inspection of your hotel room (we'll be making a fantastic video on that exact subject soon), special care should be taken to ensure that you avoid getting bed bugs into and onto your suitcase - we explain how to do this here.

    In addition, we cover the sometimes embarrassing subject on how to avoid having your relatives and friends bring bed bugs into your home and we offer a great solution on bed bug avoidance if your visitors must stay with you even though you know they are battling a bed bug problem in their home.

    As we mention in this video, you can get bed bugs anywhere these days... It doesn't matter where you work, where you live, how much money you make or what your social status is... You can be exposed to bed bugs anywhere! Avoiding bed bugs is possible by taking some fairly basic steps - especially when you travel - and can go a long way to help preventing you from having to deal with the problem at home.

    For more information contact us at

    1-855-BUGHEAT or (416) 893-1340

    We are happy to service your bed bug extermination requests in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Guelph, Kitchener Waterloo, London Ontario, Barrie, Oshawa and Whitby. Show less
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    Bed bugs have become a real problem in Toronto and surrounding areas of Ontario! As more people are exposed to bed bugs, the need for bed bug extermination is increasing at an alarming rate.

    Bed bug exterminators in Toronto are struggling to keep up with the demand to control this pest and, with that, people who find themselves with bed bugs are in dire need of accurate and reliable answers to the many questions that arise when they need to hire a bed bug extermination company.

    Toronto area residents with bed bugs are confronted with a huge amount of information online but they find that much of it is inaccurate so we decided to create this "Ask the expert" series of video to help people who are dealing with a bed bug problem get as much information as possible. Our goal is to allow you to self-educate and prepare to deal with your bed bug problem.

    We cover a number of very important issues relating to bed bugs and bed bug extermination. You will learn what bed bugs are, how they operate, what type of bed bug treatment is available to Toronto area residents. What you should look for in a pest control company when hiring one to help you and why.

    In addition, we will help you to get through what, for many, is a psychologically and emotionally stressful time. Dealing with bed bugs is no fun and we understand that!

    The more knowledge you have about this tiny pest the better off you will be in a number of areas. It is important to select a pest control company that will offer you good, reliable and accurate information but that will also offer a sympathetic ear and empathy.

    Bed bugs have only seen a resurgence in the Toronto area in the last eight years or so but they have effected thousands of people in that time! Every day that goes by many hundreds of people across Southern Ontario are exposed to bed bugs and the trend is, unfortunately, increasing at an alarming rate!

    With the right knowledge and choosing the best bed bug exterminator you will find yourself getting through this unfortunate ordeal with a minimum of heartache and expense.

    Proudly offering bed bug extermination and bed bug heat treatments in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, London Ontario, Guelph, Kitchener Waterloo, Barrie, Whitby and Oshawa.

    For more information you can reach us at

    1-855-BUGHEAT Toll Free or Locally at (416) 893-1340
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