Antioxidant Skincare Oils and Creams!
Antioxidant Skincare Oils and Creams!

Don’t wait for your skin to age. By the time you reach the age of 20 years old you will received 50% of the sun damage in your lifetime.
You don't see the sun damage because it has occurred in the 2nd and 3rd layer of skin called the derma layer.

If you live in a southern climate you age ten years faster than someone that lives in Oregon, Michigan or Maine or Canada; so you need to take care of your skin as much as you can. By the age of 50 your skin produces 10 times less oil than when you were 25...

Lack of oil and depleted moisture lead to dehydration and wrinkling of the skin. Balance of Nature Antioxidant Serum restores the optimal balance of fatty acids, vitamins, and oil which re-hydrates the skin.

After two weeks I was convinced that my skin had turned to satin Shirley Wood, Esthetician to the Hollywood Stars

Now you too can enjoy the soothing and refreshing rejuvenation experience and have “Skin that loves to be touched”
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