• Blue Stardust Shrimp Unboxing And Acclimation

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    Blue Stardust Shrimp Unboxing from Roger Ellingsen and they are beautiful!! I show you how to order the shrimp and unbox them, we also show you how to drip acclimate your shrimp.
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  • Everything You Need to Know To Be A Successful Shrimp Keeper Play all

    Here you will see every video I have ever made and uploaded to YouTube.
    Which covers everything you can image about Shrimp breeding ,Shrimp Care,Shrimp tanks setups ect . So sit back and enjoy
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  • Aquarium Shrimp Tank Setup ✅ Play all

    To keep aquarium shrimp well you really have to know the conditions the individual shrimp types like, I like to split these up into three types this can be in soft water hard water or neutral water and this then specifies the type of substrate you will choose which I tend to split up into two groups, the inert and the active substrates.

    Once you know this you can then choose the filtration methods available to you.I will go over this in detail in this series to help you best understand the best setups to choose from.
    Happy Shrimp Keeping

    Marks Shrimp Tanks
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  • Cherry Shrimp Feeding Breeding And Everything Else You Need To Know To Be Successful Play all

    Cherry Shrimp Feeding Breeding And Everything Else You Need To Know To Be Successful

    Common Name: Red Cherry Shrimp
    Scientific Name: Neocaridina Davidi
    Difficulty: Easy
    Size: 3cm
    Neocaridina comes in a large variety of shrimp types with the most common being the Cherry Shrimp. Cherry shrimp are very hardy, this makes them a great choice of shrimp for someone just starting out in the hobby.

    They originally came from Taiwan but are now very widespread across the world and should not be hard for anyone to find. they are extremely easy to breed and maintain and are often known as a bomb proof shrimp because they can live in conditions that would be considered too extreme for other shrimp.
    I have as an example unknowingly transferred young Cherry Shrimp into tanks that have never been cycled and done almost 90% water changes in them which for most shrimp would be too much, they also have another huge bonus they literally breed like rabbits.

    As a starting brood, I’d recommend buying a minimum of ten shrimp to start with.When buying shrimp always ask other people for recommendations on sellers, look across forums and groups and ask around about seller reputation you can of course always buy locally which in many cases will end up being cheaper for you and safer.

    Aquarium Tank Size
    The bigger the Aquarium the better but you get what you can afford, the benefits of larger tanks are water stability which is key with shrimp but they can cost so much more to buy.

    Most people tend to have smaller planted nano tanks which are ideal for cherry shrimp.
    My own rule of thumb is to never buy a smaller tank than say a 20 Gallon but this is just for personal preference.

    Aquarium Substrate
    My personal favorite substrate for Neocaridina and certain types of Tiger shrimp is plain old sand or gravel which the shrimp love to sift through and forage for food.

    I prefer river sand because of its nice balanced color which suits aquariums.
    To wash it all you have to do is place it in a bucket of water and stir it up with your hand, repeat this process and empty out the dirty water.

    You can also use pre-washed gravels like pea gravel but don’t ever pre-wash an active substrate it is not required.
    You should also use a minimal depth of 3cm in all of your shrimp tanks this is because different bacteria have different needs and some of them are light sensitive, take aerobic bacteria, for example, they require little to no water movement and some species require complete darkness.
    Substrate choice is of pure preference so do your research and ask questions in forums.
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  • Popular uploads Play all

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  • Aquarium Shrimp Food ✅ Play all

    Looking for ideas on what to feed your shrimp? well it looks like you have hit the jackpot with this series, remember guys to like and subscribe if you enjoyed the videos and if they helped you in some way.
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  • Aquarium Shrimp Breeding ✅ Play all

    Shrimp Breeding

    Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp Reproduction

    An explanation of the reproduction process


    The Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp has a unique reproduction process of which some aspects are unknown. What is known can sometimes be skewed or misunderstood. This article is meant to try and fully explain as much as possible the reproduction process of the Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp. This article is meant to explain the process for shrimp which do not have a larval stage during reproduction. This article pertains to those species which produce miniature adults directly from the egg during reproduction.


    Of course when attempting to understand the reproduction process one of the most important aspects is the ability to sex the shrimp. However, this is not that easy. Some species are very easy to sex whereas others are virtually impossible to sex with what is known now. Species such as the Red Cherry Shrimp, Yellow Shrimp, Snowball Shrimp and a others are very easy to sex. Other species such as the Red Gold flake Shrimp, Cardinal Shrimp, Harlequin Shrimp and others can be extremely difficult to sex. Sexing really does depend on the species you are observing. Check out each species info page to read the detailed information on that particular species and how to sex it.

    Age: Sexing of course depends on the age. Trying to sex adults is a lot easier than attempting to sex juvenile shrimp. Juvenile shrimp can be very difficult to sex, sometimes impossible depending on the size and species. Sexing sub-juvinile shrimp will most likely be impossible due to the fact that the shrimp is not old enough to display any gender identifying attributes, etc. It is definitely a good idea to only attempt to sex adults.

    Size & Coloration: With many species the female is typically larger than the male. Also, the female is sometimes darker or more robust in coloration. As with the Red Cherry Shrimp, the female is not only larger but a much darker red coloration. The male Red Cherry Shrimp is instead almost colorless at times and much smaller. Females of some species may also display a line down their backs. Below is a photo of two Red Cherry Shrimp, one male and one female. Notice the size difference and more importantly the difference in coloration.

    Male and Female Red Cherry Shrimp

    Gender Attributes: There are also other methods to easily sex a shrimp. Certain identifiers, or attributes, can differentiate a male from a female without question. These attributes typically involve the female and certain aspects of her anatomy that do not appear in males. Some of these attributes also occur at certain periods whereas some with appear at all times. Of course a female currently holding eggs will tell you that it is indeed a female. However, when eggs are not present there are other ways to tell.

    The "Saddle": Once of the most common and distinguishable attributes is the appearance of a "saddle" or miniature undeveloped eggs in the ovaries. The term "saddle" comes from the fact that that the undeveloped eggs appear on the back of the shrimp, behind the head, which looks like the saddle on a horse. Below is a photo of the Yellow Shrimp with both eggs as well as a "saddle". Notice in the first photo how the "saddle" actually looks like a real saddle you would find on a horse. In the second photo notice the tiny undeveloped eggs that actually make up the "saddle".

    Yellow Shrimp with Eggs and Saddle

    Close up of the Saddle

    Curved Underbelly: Another way to tell the difference between a male and a female is the appearance of a curved underbelly, or the region underneath the tail. When the female is pregnant the underbelly acts as a defense against potential damage to the eggs. The curved underbelly appears in females of many species of shrimp but there are some species which do not possess this characteristic regardless of sex. The lack of an underbelly does not necessarily mean that the shrimp is a male. It really depends on age and more importantly the species of shrimp in question. Below is a photo of a Crystal Red Shrimp Female with a distinctive curved underbelly.

    Crystal Red Shrimp Female with curved underbelly


    The "Act": Mating between a male and female shrimp happens extremely fast. In a matter of seconds the male latches onto the female abdomen to abdomen, deposits his sperm, and quickly then releases the female. Sometimes you can actually observe a male constantly harassing a female in an attempt to grab onto her. Next time you think that the shrimp are fighting it may be a male trying to mate instead. Below are a couple of photos of a male Red Cherry Shrimp latched onto a female and depositing sperm.

    Exerts from Planetinverts
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  • Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food Series ✅ Play all

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food Series

    Here I will test my Shrimp against food items and see how they get on.
    Dont worry I always do alot of research before I add anything to my tanks and I always feed them in moderation.

    I also changed the thumbnails back to what you really want to see in shrimp videos not click bait wording on thumbnails but just good old shrimp balls on food.

    Let me know in the comment sections your ideas and results with different types of food and also let me know what you think I should try next.

    You can also let me know if something you have tried did not work or you think it might be dangerous.

    You can see all of my videos here https://goo.gl/Fdveqi
    You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here https://goo.gl/JY2gDj

    List of videos in this playlist :

    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Banana
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Spinach
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Bloodworm
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Pea
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Paprika
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Pollen
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Dandelion
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Vs Food - Amaranth
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Mushroom
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Egg Yolk
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Green Bean
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Zucchini Blossom
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Aloe Vera
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Zucchini
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Sweetcorn
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Versus Food - Nettle
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks

    Aquarium Shrimp Vs Food - Mulberry Leaf
    by Marks Shrimp Tanks
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  • Aquarium Shrimp How To And DIY Projects Play all

    How tos on everything I have done in the Shrimp Room

    You can see all of my videos here https://goo.gl/Fdveqi
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  • Aquarium Shrimp Care ✅ Play all

    In this Series I go over the basics of keeping shrimp .

    1 Steps you have to think about before you get shrimp.
    2 How to setup a basic shrimp tank.
    3 Shrimp acclimation.
    4 Shrimp Water changes and preparation.
    5 Shrimp food
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