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  • Unity Basics - GameObjects, Transforms and Components / MonoBehaviours #1

    247 views 1 year ago
    Start learning how to make games here! This tutorial covers the basic building blocks of the Unity engine. GameObjects, Transforms and Components.

    This tutorial is part of a series exploring the basic concepts of the Unity Engine and making a game as we go.

    GameObjects, are what every Unity game is made out of. They are really flexible and can be nested, moved, copied and made to behave in any way you can imagine.

    Transforms, the component that moves, rotates and scales your GameObjects.

    Components, the behaviour you attach to GameObjects. This can be cameras, renderers or your own custom scripts.

    Follow along with this series via the Github repo:

    If you enjoyed this tutorial and you're looking for something fun to play, show your support by buying Castle Invasion: Throne Out.
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