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    Welcome to Fiddlehed fiddle lessons!

    This video describes how the channel is organized.

    There are at least three videos for each tune:

    1. A basic lesson on the tune. This is taught note by note, building small phrases into bigger parts until you have the whole thing.

    2. A lesson which either teaches variation on the tune, or how to play chord back-up for it.

    3. A play along track so that you can practice the tune on your own. This has chordal instruments such as guitar and omnichord, a simple beat and the violin melody (which becomes quite in sections so you can play more on your own.)

    All songs include left hand fingering TABS to help you figure out the tune. Below I've posted the TABS to Arkansas Traveller along with an explanation of how the notation system works.

    There are also videos devoted to techniques such as bowing, fingering, scales, improvisation, etc.

    Let me know if these videos can be improved, if they are helpful.

    Fiddlehed course outline here: http://www.fiddlehed.com

    If you live near San Francisco, I offer private and group lessons. For more on that go to my website: http://jkleinberg.com/fiddl...

    I also offer Skype/FaceTime lessons. If you can't do either of those options, just watch these videos and PRACTICE!!!

    Have fun, and don't forget to subscribe!

    T H A N K S ! ! !

    ❤️ Fiddlehed

    Arkansas Traveller
    TABS (left hand finger notation)

    A part
    first quarter: D0-2-1-0-G2-2-1-1-D0
    second quarter: D1-1-2-2-0-2-1-0-G2-1
    third quarter: D0-2-1-0-G2-2-1-1-D0
    fourth quarter: A3-2-3-0-1-3-0-D3-2-0-1-2-0

    B part
    first quarter: E3-Lo2-1-3-Lo2-1-0-Lo2-1-0-A3-E1-0-A0
    second quarter: A3-2-3-E1-0-A3-E0-Lo2-1-0-A3-E1-0-A0
    third quarter: E3-Lo2-1-3-Lo2-1-0-Lo2-1-0-A3-E1-0-A0
    fourth quarter: A3-2-3-0-1-3-0-D3-2-0-1-2-0

    How to read the tabs in this video:

    0=open string. (For example, D0=open D string.)
    1=1st finger (left index) (For example, E1=1st finger on E, or F sharp, F#.)
    2=2nd finger (left middle) (For example, D2=2nd finger on D string, or F sharp, F#)
    3=3rd finger (left ring)

    L2=Low second finger (For example DL2= Low 2nd finger on D string, or F natural)
    4=4th finger (left pinkie)
    L1=low 1st finger
    L4=low 4th finger
    h3=High 3rd finger

    ( ) Notes in parentheses at the beginning of a tune or part indicate that this is a “pickup” to be played before the part and which lead smoothly into the part. Pickups create musical flow in tunes. It usually seems best to learn a tune without pickups and add them later, part of why I use the parentheses (also because in most cases, the pickup isn’t essential for the tune).

    To make the tabs easier to read, the letters don’t change if you’re on the same string. For example, A0-1-2-1-D3 means you play four notes on the A string-open A, first on A, second on A, first on A, and then third on D string. I also start each line of tabs with the string letter which seems to make it easier to read. Let me know if this could be improved.

    (Note: these tabs only contain left hand fingering information;
    they do not tell you the rhythm which you have to get from listening. just use them as a tool to figure out tunes or remember them. Once you get the tune in your fingers and ears try not to look at the TABS. In fact, it’s much easier to hear the tune then to try to remember the tabs.)

    D0|A0=Double stop(2 strings at once) with open D and A
    D1|A0=Double stop with 1st finger on D(E note) and open A

    ⬆️=Slide up to a note
    ⬇️=Slide down to a note Show less
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