Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel Yaar lets Go:) 
Hi everyone! Welcome to my channel Yaar lets Go:) 

We found the youtube beauty community a and decided to start my own travel channel in August of 2016 to share my own tips and tricks and experience of travelling around different places in India. We create videos and provide reviews to hotels and restaurants which are worth sharing with our viewers. We try to keep the expense of trip as low as possible with fun at its fullest.

The main aim of Yaar Lets Go is to save your money on trips and how you can plan your itinerary for places. Visit our website http://yaarletsgo.com to know more about places to visit.

I really hope you enjoy my channel and please feel free to make any requests!! :)

**As a viewer, If you have a question regarding anything on my channel or any travel related questions, feel free to comment here on youtube and i will respond asap :)
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