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  • Mission: Armenia with Dr. R. Rox Anderson

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    TRANSFORMING AESTHETICS isn’t just our slogan, it’s our promise. In October of 2016, Quanta Italy and Quanta USA teamed up with the most esteemed doctor in the laser industry on a mission to help burn victims in Armenia. In the past, other companies had sent a laser and trained no one on how to use it or brought a laser into Armenia, treated burn victims, and then taken the laser when they left the country. That wasn’t enough for us.

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    During 2012 there was a pretty horrendous accident. There was a rally in the main square here of Yerevan and someone had used hydrogen instead of helium in filling up a bunch of rubber balloons. Someone lit a cigarette and the group of balloons all caught fire. So, there’s a giant fireball and the real damage was not done by the giant fireball overhead, but by the burning rubber balloons as they rained down.

    I think this sort of overwhelmed the care system here. If you have simultaneously hundreds of people showing up in the emergency ward, you take care of the ones that are the worst off and I think the initial care for a burn really does determine the long-term consequences, to some extent. So, it was an overwhelming event. It’s an opportunity to help children who normally would not have access to modern care. The things that we have developed in the states, in particular, laser treatments for children, are not available all around the world. So, this is a part of the world that is not yet fully aware of that. We have the ability now to treat burn scars, we can normalize the skin, we can take away a lot of the pain so people that can’t move can move again. That kind of capability is only able to be provided if you have the right technology and you also know how to use it, and that’s what we’re here for. We’re bringing technology and showing people how to use it in a place where they really need it.

    The project that we are supporting here with Rox Anderson and his group is part of our core mission. Our core mission is not only to produce lasers and to sell lasers, the mission is to take care of people because people are masterpieces of God.

    I’m very pleased when laser companies like Quanta are willing to step up and join us in providing something that’s sustainable. That’s not just giving a laser. I’m impressed, the engineers show up, they install the laser, there’s teaching, and there’s maintenance on that, so I’d like to thank Quanta for their work. Show less
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