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    DIY Channel Youtube | DIY videos on YouTube. The Official YouTube Channel of How-to DIY. Here are some of most popular how-to videos and DIY video instructions and guides on some of most popular topic and most searched keywords.

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  • DIY Fitness with Jacquie Hardy Play all

    My name is Jacquie Hardy and I have been a personal trainer for 7 years. I own my own company doing in home training and also teach a women's only boot camp class. I have worked with a variety of men and women and been on many wonderful journeys. My passion fuels through every individual I meet with.

    I am so happy to bring my years of experience to the DIY channel and help with everyone on their own special journey.

    For questions please contact me at and follow my Instagram jacquieeexoxo.
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  • Women's Beauty Tips Play all

    Women’s fashion has been the subject of many conversation. Which skirts they wear which blouse and how they apply their eyeliners gets notices by men and women alike. You may be a busy mother, a single woman in the corporate world or just a woman who likes to look good and be classified as a sophisticated woman, casual woman or even a tomboy.
    These videos on YouTube are produced to give you tips on women’s fashion that you can apply yourself in your everyday life, whether going to the office or taking the kids out to their games or just handing out on the weekend or going on vacations. These videos on YouTube on women’s fashion have just the best fashion tips for women.
    When we refer to videos for women’s fashion, women’s beauty and women’s style we talk about almost everything that adorns a modern day woman at any time and in any city. We will define the difference between business attire vs. a day in the park, but it boils down to a woman’s personality and lifestyle as to how she likes to be portrayed or viewed in the world and amongst the people in her life.
    We are mindful that there are so many different categories to cover women’s fashion that just one playlist on YouTube channel to cover all women’s fashion and style may not be doing it justice. But because HashtagHowToDIY is the only channel on YouTube with multiple playlist, we decided to give women their playlist category on YouTube and cover everything related to their looks and how they look from inside and outside.
    At HashtagHowToDIY channel’s playlist for women’s fashion, grooming and style you will find videos and guide and step-by-step instructions for how to apply makeup, using different eyeliners, eye shadows, lipsticks and other makeup item you carry in your purse or have it in your makeup kit. You will also be able to find videos on this YouTube playlist about how to get rid of those unwanted hair, stains in your armpits or changing your casual look into a professional look with some easy example of what to wear and how to match your clothes.
    If you like to smell good but do not know anything about how to choose the right perfume or the difference between a spray bottle perfume and Eau d’toilet, we will have videos on YouTube to talk all about women’s perfume. You will soon learn how perfumes make a statement about your personality and how based on your personality you need to choose the right perfume for yourself, that is both work and social friendly and makes you more attractive.
    We know that most women will be searching on Google from their mobile phones or tablets to find some quick tips to the questions they want answers to when they are stuck making a decision about what to wear to go to a birthday party where their ex-boyfriend may be there, and they want to know from fashion experts online about how to dress to impress. This YouTube channel’s playlist will have just the right videos for you.
    We also have watched hundreds of other videos on YouTube related to women’s fashion, videos about women’s style and videos on YouTube about women’s grooming and beauty, and we love many of them. So, because HashtagHowToDIY wants to empower you with a lot of How-to DIY tips about fashion amongst other topics, we have chosen many of those videos and have added them to our playlist, and have favourite a lot of them, so you can have more fashion related videos at your viewing pleasure when you are visiting this How-to DIY women’s fashion channel searching for fashion tips for women on YouTube.
    We would love to hear from you about the contents of the videos we produce on women’s fashion. Let us know if you think the tips on using accessories for women was useful. Let us know if the last minute tips on how to dress to impress helped you out. Especially, we like to hear from you if you have some expertise about how to dress up a woman for any occasion, and would like to share your tips and suggestions with us. We will connect with you through twitter or Google + and we will interview you through Google Hangout on Air and this way, you will become a guest video blogger about women’s fashion and we are sure for years to come many women will be able to benefit from your expert tips and advice about women’s fashion and beauty tips.
    It is time to start to feel elegant, feminine and stylish. Get the tips for the perfect hairdo, adorn your eyes and brows and cheek, whiten your teeth, get the perfect manicure and pedicure, wear the best shoes that are both comfortable and stylish, rock wearing a stylish scarf, and be the women you always wanted to look and feel by watching these video tips about fashion on YouTube which you can easily have at your fingertips when you watch these videos on your mobile devices, even from a bathroom of wherever you may need the advice the most!
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  • Health | Fitness | Wellness | DIY Personal Goals Play all

    Health fitness along with well being and setting personal goals to live a healthier life has been on everyone’s list of personal achievement to have a better body, shape and fitness level. Or they just simply want to live a healthy lifestyle and live longer by choosing a balance lifestyle and incorporate activities in their lives to have a balance life.
    Most people set resolution at new years or their birthday to get to the gym and workout and feel better and feel healthier about themselves. Some people want to know how to kick a bad habit while others want to how to lose weight to either look good to feel good when they lose weight.
    In this YouTube playlist about fitness we will share with you how-to video tips on fitness, how-to video tips on weight loss and this YouTube channel also has videos on fitness and wellness in the playlist of health and fitness that shares tips and instructions about how to get rid of back pain, how to get six pack abs, how to do yoga, how to eat healthy on the go, and other how-to health related and how-to fitness related topics.
    Most of our video guide on this YouTube channel are made by going to experts in the fitness industry or experts in the weight loss clinics or expert yoga instructors, so that you can benefit from all the tips and instructions for living a healthier life and achieve your wellness and if you are suffering from pain, then you can live a pain-free life or learn how to reduce pain, or how to prevent back pain.
    No matter your workout choice, the fitness experts on this YouTube channel playlist under the health and fitness category have talked about martial arts, workouts for pregnant women, and how to execute certain lifts. These fitness experts on this YouTube video guide for fitness have also share their opinions on popular fitness trends, give their take on health- and fitness- related studies, and provide a variety of daily workouts.
    The health and fineness experts on this DYI fitness playlist are on a mission to inspire and empower others to pursue strength of both body and mind. Learn how to conquer stress, how to understand supplements and how to know about nutrition, and finding fitness motivation.
    The certified yoga instructors on the how-to yoga videos on this YouTube playlist for health and fitness describe the tips, tools, and wisdom on yoga, books, and technology. We will show you how to choose yoga mats, yoga clothing, and yoga books.
    To love your body can be summed up in body love wellness. The Holistic health advisors on this YouTube channel in the health and fitness playlist will remind you that you look fine just the way you are, and how to maintain healthy lifestyle without having to worry too much about how you look. The DIY videos on health and fitness will cover topics from self-esteem, to developing healthy relationships with food and exercise, to learning to love yourself at any weight.
    The fitness gurus and health experts in this DIY fitness playlist on our YouTube channel will motivate your next workout or healthy food choice. You will learn how to triumph over emotional eating habits, and the desire to help others achieve their own goals.
    For the macho type of men who want to work out just to feel manly we will bring you DIY videos to show you no matter how “manly” you are or aspire to be, the how-to DIY videos on health and fitness are fun and informative way to learn about a super diverse array of fitness-related topics. You will learn how to better understand the mechanics of a weight lifting and how to transform your garage into a home-made gym so you can turn yourself into a fitness pro.
    You will watch the best how-to DIY Health, Fitness, and Happiness video for 2015, and the best how-to DIY Health, Fitness, and Happiness video for 2016, and the best how-to DIY Health, Fitness, and Happiness video for 2017, and for many years to come
    We will also favorite other health and fitness videos that are shaking up the health and wellness industry by adding them to our health and fitness playlist on our YouTube channel and we will be interacting with our viewers.
    Specifically, we will produce how-to DIY fitness videos that feature actionable, useful, and positive tips that reflect your standard of living a healthy and happy life. We also looked at comments and engagement with viewers and social media followers. These how-to- DIY videos on fitness may not the only video guides on fitness you should watch, but they're a good place to start.
    Because personal health depends a person's life, in these how-to DIY videos on health and fitness we will bring video guides on how to floss your teeth, how to brush your teeth, how to handle food, and the how-tos on personal hygiene.
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