The Nootropics Review
  • What Are Nootropics?

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    Everywhere you look you see and hear the word nootropics. You hear how important they are in your diet, but, what exactly are nootropics? Nootropics is an umbrella term that is put over a group of foods and supplements that are a combination of manmade chemicals and nutritional supplements that work to enhance the cognitive abilities and benefits of the brain.

    To be fully classified as nootropics, the product must first meet the 5 preset criteria that have been set by Dr. Corneliu E. Giugea. Dr. Giugea is the man who named "Nootropics" as a class of supplements.

    Here are the 5 criteria that Dr. Giugea set up:

    1. The substance must enhance the memory and improve the ability to learn and retain information.

    2. The substance must help the brain to function under all conditions including disruptive conditions such as low oxygen or electroconvulsive shock.

    3. The product must help to protect the brain from such chemicals are anticholinergic drugs and barbiturates.

    4. The product must increase the ability for the neuronal firing control in the cortical as well as the sub-cortical areas of the brain.

    5. Lastly, there must be absolutely no ill side effects and the product must be completely non-toxic.

    Nootropics are used to enhance the cognitive abilities of the brain. They're believed to help improve your energy levels, your focus, and your memory. They may range from everyday substances such as caffeine (think your morning cup of coffee) to Omega 3s.

    Many people prefer to consume their nootropics by eating a healthier diet that includes such things as more fish that is full of Omega 3s and of course, their caffeine in their morning coffee.

    They will then supplement these with supplements that are in the nootropic family and believed to help improve the cognitive abilities of those who use them.

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