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  • Traffic Monsoon Day Three Paid To Click Banner Ads Bobby Whataman Jackson Day 3

    164 views 2 years ago - Traffic Monsoon Day Three Paid To Click Banner Ads Bobby Whataman Jackson
    Whew! Bobby "Whataman" Jackson!
    Can you believe it day three..Traffic Monsoon Day Three!
    Okay sign in to my backoffice and what do I find, $4.00!
    $4.00 just from clicking on some banner ads and buying one adpack. All I can say is I'm Amazed!
    Like I said yesterday, I'm focusing on purchasing more adpacks and I'll be looking at various traffic methods to get more eyes on this AWESOME opportunity.
    I mean, really, this is the most passive, income opportunity that I have ever done.
    I won't say this is a "set it" and "forget it", because to get paid to get "PAID TO CLICK", you got to click to get paid! [laugh]
    But hey, I'm sitting here at the computer doing my normal routine of opening emails, checking Facebook, and reading the news. So why not have Traffic Monsoon pay me a little sump sump.
    Be sure to click my link at the bottom of the screen, , and get yourself an account.
    I've already put a banner on one of my dating websites, Meeting Rednecks dot com.
    Hey it's like any other business, got to ADVERTISE! So I'll have visitors looking at it from there.
    Oh, and Traffic Monsoon had a webinar yesterday that they are working on having their own bank.
    That will allow people from countries to join who are unable to at the minute.
    That's kind of HUGE don't ya' think. A business opportunity that is so huge that they need their own bank to accept and pay monies back to their membership.
    That is the forward thinking, the kind of forward thinking that I like about Traffic Monsoon.
    Okay, I just wanted to update you on what's happening. Oh, and I need to drop a income statement.
    These are my results. My name is Bobby "Whataman" Jackson, so take that "Whataman" to mean I go above and beyond the regular person.
    Your results may vary!
    So take that and what I always like to say, Now Go Be Awesome!
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    "paid to click ads" Start Making Money as soon as you open your account!
    Hit me up on how to accelerate the money that you make from this SIMPLE EASY ZERO MONEY DOWN program!
    NOW GO BE AWESOME! - Bobby "Whataman" Jackson
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