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    Hello guys :)
    Today I made a strawberry charlotte cake.
    'Charlotte' is a traditional French cake with biscuits on the bottom and sides and filled with cream.
    If it's a cake with a biscuit-lined shape, whatever content is inside,
    All of them are called Charlotte.

    You can put bavarois in strawberry charlotte,
    Or mix the strawberry puree and heavy cream to make a basic mousse
    But this time I am going to make a light texture cake
    So I put Italian meringue in the mousse.
    Maybe if you like light, fruity cakes
    You will definitely like it.

    I think you may feel a little complicated because there are many processes.
    If you have any questions while making a cake or watching a video, leave a comment :)
    Thank you.

    ▶ Ingredients (18cm diameter circle-shaped mold)
    [Biscuits à la cuillère]
    60g Egg yolk
    34g Sugar (A)
    100g Egg white
    50g Sugar (B)
    90g Cake flour
    2g Vanilla extract

    1) Add sugar A and vanilla extract to the yolk and whip.
    2) Whip sugar B into whites three times to make a solid meringue.
    3) Put meringue on the yolk side and fold it gently.
    4) Sift the flour and fold it lightly so that the foam does not fade.
    5) Piping into a 15cm circle and a 30cm * 10cm rectangle along the pattern.
    6) Sprinkle sugar powder twice and bake for 10 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius (345 degrees Fahrenheit) in a preheated oven. (Unox convection oven)
    * Normal home built-in oven: Bake for 10 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius (375 degrees Fahrenheit).
    * Heat intensity may be different even in ovens of the same model. It can be overcooked with a difference of 1 minute, so look at the baking color of the biscuit and judge the degree of baking.
    7) After lukewarm, cut a rectangular biscuit in half and make two pieces of 30cm * 5cm.
    8) Put Cake Collar on the mold, cut the biscuit and fit tightly.

    30g Water
    15g Sugar
    5g Kirsch (Cherry Brandy)

    1) Heat water and sugar in a microwave oven for 30 seconds, then dissolve the sugar completely.
    2) When lukewarm, add Kirch and mix.
    3) After it is completely cooled, apply syrup evenly on the inner side of the biscuit.

    [Strawberry Mousse]
    115g Strawberry puree
    4.5g Gelatin sheet
    8g Lemon juice
    112g Heavy cream
    4g Kirsch (Cherry Brandy)
    50g Egg white
    20g Water
    80g Sugar

    1) Soak the gelatin sheet in cold water for at least 10 minutes.
    2) After the gelatin is completely drained, put it in strawberry puree and warm it to melt the gelatin.
    3) Add lemon juice and Kirche, mix, and cool to 30 degrees or less.
    4) Whip the heavy cream, add the cooled strawberry puree little by little and mix with a whisk.
    5) Make Italian meringue with 50g of white, 20g of water, and 80g of sugar.
    6) Take 70 g of Italian meringue cooled to 30 degrees or less and put it on the mousse side.
    7) Mix gently so that the foam does not go out.
    8) Pour all the mousse into the inside of the biscuit, flatten the surface and harden for more than 1 hour in the freezer.
    9) Place strawberries on top to finish.

    * Storage: Washed and cut strawberries quickly wither. Sealed in the refrigerator, you can enjoy the most delicious for up to two days, and you can freeze and store only cakes without fruit (about 2 weeks).

    * Comments that are not polite or unpleasant to me are deleted without notice.
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