• Dragon Ball Kart 64 Beta Release

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    IMPORTANT: The rom requires the Expansion Pak/8MB memory to be turned on. Otherwise the sound won't work.

    Download link:

    The Dragon Ball timeline is being threatened once more and the only way to save it is by kart racing.

    Goku, Frieza, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, Beerus, Vegeta, Cell

    Bananas: The Saiya peoples stereotypical favorite food.
    Senzu Bean: Use it for a boost of speed.
    Kaioken Senzu Bean: Use it up to 20 times or maybe more.
    Ki Blast: Shoot people with them.
    Homing Ki Blast: Goes after whoever is in front of you.
    Fake Capsule: Explodes if touched.
    Dragonball: Wish for immortality / power.
    Shenron: Wish for everyone to become tiny.
    Spirit Bomb: Goes after whoever is in first place.

    Q & A

    Q: What emulators will this work on?
    A: It should work on any N64 emulator that supports the Expansion Pak or 8 MB ram. So far I've tested it on various versions of Project64, mupen64, Wii64, and Not64 and it works on all of those.

    Q: Does this work on Everdrive64?
    A: Yes, at least on 3.0.
    It also works on this thing

    Q: Why not Gohan?
    A: The character sprites were made by taking screenshots of character models in Garry's Mod. The only model for Gohan that anyone's ported to Gmod so far is a crappy fan-made model from 10 years ago.

    Q: What's up with Cell, Beerus, and Piccolo's voices?
    A: They've been placed over Bowser, DK, and Yoshi. Those characters only have 2 sound files each and the game just changes the pitch to create multiple voice lines.

    Q: What's going to be in the final version?
    A: Additional course textures, volume adjustments for some of the custom voices, and most importantly custom music if I can figure out why I can't get both custom characters and custom music into the same rom without it crashing the emulator.

    Q: Is there anything I can do to help?
    A: If anyone knows about getting custom music working with custom characters please post in the comments or in my Origami64 thread:

    I already have some .m64 files made and they work in-game but no matter what I do, they crash the game at the character select screen if I try to apply them to a rom with custom karts files in it. Show less
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