• Betsy Riot goes to Murder-Con 2017 in Atlanta, GA - 04/27/17 to 04/30/17

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    Betsy Riot went to MURDER-CON 2017 (the NRA Annual Meeting) in Atlanta, GA, on April 27-30 to greet Il Douche l'Orange and his gunlicking jackboots as they celebrated another successful year causing the deaths of over 33,000 fellow Americans due to their fetishistic obsession with a weapon of war dumped zealously into a civilian marketplace virtually unregulated. In a combined two-day ground and air assault, Betsy deployed her Fuck Your Guns Mobile™ to drive around the convention area and a one-day Betsy Truth-In-Advertising Airplane Banner™ to buzzkill the deathstick jism-fest.

    Because fuck yer guns, blood suckers and death merchants. You are not patriots. You are anti-American democracy-haters. Guns are not freedom they are a product. The NRA is a Murder Lobby for the industry that sells that product. And its consumer base is not made up of good guys with guns, but frightened boys with gun fetishes. We will never go away. Get used to that.

    We are Betsy Riot, bitches.

    (PS: the jaunty soundtrack is: "The March of the Women," a 1910 suffragette anthem by Ethel Smyth and Cicely Hamilton.)


    Betsy Riot is a movement of neo-suffragists and punk patriots whose mission is to fight Trump, fascism, and the blood-soaked insanity of American gun culture through disruptive messaging.

    Change the culture.
    End an epidemic.
    Be a Betsy.

    ...and Fuck the NRA

    betsy riot
    /fək’ thē in’ är ā/

    plural: betsies, betsys, a riot of betsies

    1. an unapologetic feminist patriot who has fucking had enough of Drumpf culture and gun culture and the death and terror they inflict on America

    2. a nonviolent act of civil disobedience against fascism, Drumpf, or gun culture


    past tense: betsied

    to prank, lambaste, and generally fuck up whitewing gunlicking bullshit

    “That riot of betsies betsied the shit out of the gun show.”

    Web site: http://www.betsyriot.com/

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bet...

    Tumblr: http://betsy-riot.tumblr.com/

    Twitter: @betsyriot Show less
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