CatchMyPain is a modern Pain Diary & Community
CatchMyPain is a modern Pain Diary & Community

One out of five adults suffers from chronic pain, half of them for at least seven years. How can we shorten this pain odyssey? The pain diary app CatchMyPain allows tracking pain in a structured and visual way, which can lead to new insights.
- Patients can express their pain by using detailed drawings, among many other instruments. The drawings and the generated charts are a valuable aid in understanding pain and explaining it to others.
- Care providers can view the pain diaries of their patients online and precisely observe the treatment progress. 
- Research is being fostered by globally collected and anonymized pain information, which can be used to gain new insights into pain medicine.

Start now: Keep a medical health record of fibromyalgia, migraine, cancer, arthritis, lupus, headache, rsi, chronic lower back pain, rheumatism, sciatica, cfs, depression, crps, endometriosis symptoms, medication, pill, drug for your doctor.
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