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Alex Banegas

  • car is clean but rims and mexican/ricer muffler has to go bro

    Da9 integra (all motor)

    One cherry da9 integra non vtech !!!
  • All these fucking cars are whack!!!!! They are not even lowered for shit!!! Stupid chunti ass paisas!!...first of all no one drives and much less invest money on eclipses!!!! All these cars are bone stock with a bunch of stickers on them!!! Lame asses!!! The only ones that look ok are the DA's cuz they are clean body wise but other than that u guys are lame!!!! Put some real money into these cars before making a video and embarrassing urselfs!!!

    DA Integra hellaFlush prt 2

    1-UP KIDZ AND there toys,CRUZIN the shity streets of vallejo ....keeping it DUMPED
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