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    http://youmyridechannel.com/ You My Ride? showcases hilarious and revealing stories a Los Angeles rideshare driver experienced while driving his passengers around.

    The series, which stars Kervens Joseph, Ayinde Howell, and a slew of other talented guest stars and celebrities, conveys the hilarious and revealing stories a Los Angeles rideshare driver experienced while transporting his passengers.

    The series takes you on the ride of your life, with cameras providing an in-depth look into the experiences of a driver for the newest form of transportation among millennials: ridesharing. The series also illuminates the highs and lows of the unexpected and shocking lifestyle of a LA driver. Kervens, along with Ayinde, embraces the unconventional career of driving passengers from Point A to Point B.

    ‘You My Ride?’ is produced by Savage Hope Productions, LLC and Reagent Productions; directed by Jeff Osborne; and written by Angelo Perrino and Jeff Osborne. The dramedy stars Kervens “Acafool” Joseph and Ayinde Howell, as well as a slew of incredibly talented guest stars. This web-series, launched in 2017, follows Kervens, an aspiring rapper in Hollywood who decides to sign up for a ride-share app in order to pay his bills, only to find out that there is a lot more to it than driving from Point A to Point B.

    The ‘You My Ride’ Channel, in partnership with Savage Hope Productions LLC and Reagent Productions, was created and inspired by true events and real passengers to promote engagement and conversation.

    Acafool and the team work tirelessly to ensure the quality of You My Ride’s content. Jeff Osborne, a friend of Acafool who he met in Tampa, FL, brought Angelo Perrino to work on ‘You My Ride?’ and now the three of them are the team behind it all. When asked about the show’s production, Acafool responded that “we make a synopsis and then we script out the episode... we take the time to make sure we can laugh about the show so the viewer can also laugh.” To ensure you stay up to date with ‘You My Ride?’ be sure to like their Facebook page and subscribe to the official YouTube channel.

    For more information on the new web ‘You My Ride?’ series, premiering only on YouTube, visit http://youmyridechannel.com

    Starring: Kervens Joseph and Ayinde Howell
    Production: Savage Hope Productions
    Director: Jeff Osborne
    Written: Angelo Perrino, Jeff Osborne
    Genre: Dramedy

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    Site: https://youmyride.com/

    Video: https://youtu.be/svudNgbUQ7M

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