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    Shakira represents the 10 amazing years we’ve had here at Penny Appeal, and the endless potential for the next decade to come. But she’s more than that.

    Shakira has a real position in the company. She’s the Child CEO of Penny Appeal, reporting directly to the CEO. Her role is to make sure children’s issues are at the heart of Penny Appeals future and to bring a young, fresh perspective to the team.

    “Shakira believes change will happen, her energy is infectious and it brings out the eternal optimist in us that so many of us left behind in our childhoods.” – Adeem Younis, Chairman and Founder of Penny Appeal

    We say that children are the future, so we’re putting our pennies where our mouth is.
    We hired Shakira because she is the future of British Muslims.
    She’s as British as a cup of tea, but still loves her eastern faith and she sees no conflict between the two.

    She knows what’s trending on social media and reads the Quran; she does gymnastics on the weekend and prays every day. She cares about children in Syria and about the lonely granny down the road. She likes the singer Ariana Grande and women’s rights activist Rokya Begum.

    The thing that makes Shakira different is that she hasn’t lost hope like so many of us adults have; she sees that the world can change for the good and that being a Muslim means she has a part to play in making that happen.
    Shakira will be working with us to learn about the work we do here at Penny Appeal, as well as meeting with children from around the UK and the world to find out what kids want and need. She’s smart, funny and ferocious – and most importantly, she genuinely cares about children. From orphans in the Gambia to the kids down the road who go to school on an empty stomach, Shakira cares about both and she’s ready to advocate for them.

    “I’d like to use my position to make sure young people who don’t have a voice are heard, and if people don’t listen then I’m going to shout until they do.” – Shakira Rahman, Child CEO

    Our team at Penny Appeal are over the moon that Shakira is joining us as our Child CEO. We know that she has a lot to learn from us, and that we have a lot to learn from her. We can’t wait to see how she’s going to shake things up, and help us to change our world for the better – and yes, she’s already helping us come back to that child-like state of confidence and optimism. Let’s do this.

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